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Alessandra Ambrosio Beauty Secrets
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Alessandra Ambrosio Swimsuit

Victoria Secret’s Bath & Body Products

Brazilian supermodel Alessandra gave her favorite beauty products run down in a Modelina interview. She loves the Victoria Secret tanning product Bare Bronze, which moisturizes skin while building up a natural looking tan. Another of her favs is
Super Model Shimmer. It makes you body shimmer and shine, is great for going out in the evenent and she loves the model chosen scent of it.

In Alessandra Ambrosio’s Purse

She says she is a lipstick junkie and carries as many as seven lip products in her purse. She loves it all, lip gloss, balm, and lipstick.

Alessandra Ambrosio loves Coconut Water

Not a fan of plain old water, she drinks coconut water, which is full of minerals, hydrates, and tastes good to her.

Alessand Ambrosio Workouts

She likes fun activites including volleyball, surfing, rollerblading and snowboarding. She also has a brazilian trainer on occasion and does a workout that is called the Brazilian butt lift. It combines aerobics, samba and capoiera.

Cellulite Prevention Secret

To maintain her weight Ambrosio tries to enjoy food but control portions. She likes Total Fitness Slimming Gel and uses it to prevent the development of cellulite.

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