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Alyssa Milano Beauty Secrets
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Alyssa Milano Beauty Secrets

You might remember Alyssa Milano as Samantha Micelli in the television serious Who’s the Boss and later as Phoebe Halliwell on Charmed. Alyssa has always been beautiful and personifies that brunette girl next door look. She has spoken publicly on her problems with dyslexia. After the events of 9/11, Alyssa decided to get motivated and she was inspired to pay attention to and appreciate her good health and life in general. She became a vegetarian and has been one ever since. She is also a big animal lover and has posed for ads for PETA that promote healthy vegetarian eating.

Alyssa’s girl next door Wen Hair

Milano is known for her natural looking brunette hair. To keep a fresh youthful look like hers, stay true to your natural brunette color. Go with highlights very close to the base color. Try light brown highlights, dark brown highlights, or caramel highlights. You might have seen Alyssa on infomercials selling Wen hair care. Wen is a specialty line of shampoo & conditioner that is lather free and full of nutrients. She is their spokesmodel.

Alyssa’s girl next door Makeup

To get Alyssa’s girl next door look, try soft pinks and dusty rose colors. Use a lip pencil to fill in the lip line then precision fill the lips in with a lip brush. Use of a brush will give the lips a more natural look and color and the lipstick won’t be as obvious. Use a natural and soft colored cream blush on the apples of the cheeks and blend well to give natural looking color. Then use a pearly highlighter over that to add a hint of natural shimmer. Stick to a natural look for your eyes too if you want to look young and natural like Alyssa. Use brown eye liner instead of black and then use eye shadows in neutral colors such as raison, mauve and pearl. Soften the look with a Q tip and apply false lashes to the outer corners of each eye to add drama.

Touch women’s Major League Baseball attire

Alyssa has taken her classic girl next door image to the baseball field and she created Touch, an exclusive line of women’s Major League Baseball attire. It’s the product perfect for her! The clothes are so cute and fashionable, quintessential girl next door attire for hitting the sporting events. She got the idea for the line after becoming frustrated going into the stadium shops and not being able to find anything really cute and fashionable that was baseball team branded. If you didn’t know Alyssa is a major baseball fan! She is even a post-season correspondent for Hot Corner, a baseball channel for MLB.

Alyssa’s Ethics

Alyssa is known for her ethical standards. When her little brother found unauthorized photographs of her being used on adult web sites her family took action. He mother started a company called CyberTrackers so that celebrities could request that unauthorized inappropriate pictures be taken down. Her career image is very much family oriented and she sticks to a high standard there. She posed for a nude coffee table book about celebrities and their tattoes and her pictures wound up in Bikini magazine nude. While she could do nothing about that, it sparked her interest in online ethics. There are plenty of beautiful pictures of her so finding pictures where her head is placed on somebody elses body for example was a major turn off to her.

Alyssa’s Beauty Tips

Here are a few beauty tips that Alyssa give to People magaine in an interview. One of her musts is Sunscreen. She likes Corrective Skin Care sunscreen (Corrective Skin Care is a company from Utah with an organic line of beauty products) because their beauty products are all natural. For makeup she loves the product she sponsors Sheer Cover. Sheer Cover is sold on infomercials. It’s one of the popular mineral makeup brands. It has sunscreen in it and Alyssa loves it because it does not clog the pores and stays in place even if you sweat in it. She likes Chap Stick because it stays on even if she eats nachos! Alyssa is way into sports ergo the Sunscreen, sweat proof makeup, and cult classic Chap Stick helps her stay beautiful at the baseball games. For comfort especially at sporting events she wears classic Converse low tops and a hat.

Alyssa’s diet and lifestyle

Alyssa is a big advocate of vegetarian eating. She goes meat free. You can find vegetarian alternatives to all the animal based foods. There are meatless sausages, dairy free cheesecakes, veggie versions of chicken, and even veggie ham deli slices. Look for interesting meat alternatives at the supermarket, health food store or natural markets such as Whole Foods. Eradicating animals from your diet not only protects animals but it can also help you lose weight and gain energy. Just be sure that you get enough protein sources from beans, legumes and meat alternatives and you will be fine going meet free.

Stay true to your classic looks

The 80’s sitcom star has remained a classic beauty and throughout the years she has stayed true to her basic brunette looks. Like other stars such as Cindy Crawford, some times keeping the looks that work best for you is the smartest idea. If you look at photographs from when she was younger to what she looks like not you’ll see that not much has changed in her classic beauty formula. She recently sported a more highlighted look but stayed true to her base color by not going too blond and washed out. With her brown eyes the darker base color to her hair really works and compliments her natural skin tone. Alyssa really is naturally beautiful and her looks have stayed authentic not fake over the years. She’s all grown up, married to David Bugliari and starting a family. She has a baby boy and still looks gorgeous.

If you want to emulate Alyssa’s girl next door beauty then stay true to your natural looks. Don’t go far from your original hair color, keep hair longer and close to its natural color, wear sporty girl next door attire, and go for a low maintenance classic casual style.

Milano On Beauty

Alyssa has a laid back attitude about life. In an Ocean Drive magazine article she says she is into spirituality. The two books in her trailer were on Kabbalah and The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama. She has a great sense of humor. She said that one beauty secret of hers is that she doesn’t use deodorant because there is too much aluminum in it. She likes Clinique Happy perfume. And, she likes famous Amos cookies.

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