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Amanda Seyfried Beauty Secrets
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Amanda Seufried Swimsuit

Cle de Peau

Amanda Seyfried is the face of Cle de Peau makeup. The makeup line is very high end, and many of the products cost over fifty dollars. Being the face of this cosmetics line has amped up her makeup knowledge, says Seyfried. Instead of relying on one MAC eyeshadow to survive, Amanda has an array of high end products from Cle de Peau at her disposal. The makeup is very expensive and high quality, a favorite for the Hollywood stars that can afford it. She has an entire makeup case filled with various Cle de Peau brow fillers, highlighters, lipstick and other goodies.

Seyfried’s utmost favorite product in the line is the Cle de Peau beaute concealer. The concealer is priced at $70 at Barney’s New York and she says it is superb for covering and calming little red spots on the skin. Lucky woman!

Amanda Seyfried favorite beauty products

An InStyle magazine article on beauty must haves listed the following products as Amanda Seyfried’s favorites. Elizabeth Arden eight hour creme protectant, which she slathers on her lips and wipes off to make them look bigger. Emergen-c which is a Vitamin C based powder you pour into your water for vitamins and taste. Emergen-C comes in a variety of flavors and you can get it at the health food store, market, Whole Foods or Trader Joes. Fekkai brilliant glossing shampoo for shine enhancing results without extra hair products. Clea De Peau beaute extra silky lipstick in No. 131. At $52 price point, she better love how this lipstick moisturizer and feels on her lips.

Amanda Seyfried Hair

Amanda has naturally blonde hair. She died her hair brown only once and was not a fan, finding it hard to get rid of the darkened color. She keeps her hair naturally blonde and is not much into the highlights. The secrets to her glossy locks are to keep her hair natural colored ash blonde, and to minimize the use of hair products. She likes to use Fekkai brilliant glossing shampoo.

Amanda Seyfried Diet and Exercise

Amanda uses the elliptical machine. She will crank up the level and peddle backwards for some 45 minutes. She tries to be healthy and has an acupuncturist who gives her tips such as to chew your food and eat slowly. While Seyfried works out regularly to burn calories, she is not overly health crazed and does not drink oolong tea all day. Instead, she opts for easy going natural beauty that is simple and low maintenance.

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