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Ann Margret Beauty Secrets
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Ann Margret Swimsuit

Hollywood Sex Symbol

Ann Margret has remained a famous sex symbol for decades. She is Swedish and rose to fame after Viva Las Vegas with Elvis Presley. She was nicknamed the sex kitten.

Ann Margret Make Up

Margret’s make up look was a girl next door look with an added zing. Her cheeks and face were left with a natural fresh look. Then, in most photos, she played up her eyes with black eye liner, big false eye lashes, and cat eyes. Her lipstick was almost always an orange color. Her eyebrows were penciled in with a high arch accentuated.

Ann Margret Auburn Hair

Margret was famous for her gorgeous medium auburn hair color. This is what made her looks unique. Her red color was the perfect shade, not too strawberry blond or orange, yet not too dark or purple. Ann Margret actually born a natural brunnette and it was hairdresser Sydney Guilaroff (he was also the stylist who made Lucille Ball a red head) who had the idea for her hair color.

She had the big full hair and years later you would see this sex-kitten look on countless Cosmopolitan magazine covers. When younger she wore her hair well below the shoulders, and as she got older she’s had the same hairstyle only shorter, to the shoulders. Her fiery auburn was shiny, healthy and gorgeous.

Ann Margret Beauty Secrets

In the book 911 Beauty Secrets: An Emergency Guide to Looking Great at Every Age, she said she watches her diet by staying away from surgary soda, sweets and peanutes.

Margret underwent facial reconstructive plastic surgery after falling off a stage. Her mouth had to be wired shut to set the jaw bone, so she went on a liquid diet while healing.

Margret had mentioned in several interviews she liked citrus diets. She also admitted to going on a fad watermelon diet to lose weight. She ate watermelon all day and then a low fat meal at night to lose twenty pounds.

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