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Ashlee Frazier beauty secrets
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Love this girl! Ashlee Frazier may not have found love with Graham from the show Bachelor in Paradise but she sure has honed her fashion skills throughout her participation in The Bachelor franchise on ABC. She sells jewelry through her collection featured on Accessory Concierge, and she blogs like crazy. Her blog is beautiful and chock full of fabulous fashion ideas. This picture by Taylor Lord of Ashlee in a unique swimsuit captures her always unique sense of style and search for the coolest details in each piece she wears. Nice!

Ashlee Frazier style

If you want to embrace a style like Ashlee Frazier her tip is to embrace the use of unique and one of a kind jewelry, and also all things gypsy. She loves outfits that showcase a bohemian sultriness. Ashlee shops everywhere from high-end stores like Nordstrom, to little boutiques that have pieces with those special little details that makes them and her, stand out.

Ashlee can’t get enough of the palazzo pants. They are part of her wardrobe of flowing whimsical clothes. Her clothes never look harsh and always have a whimsical Princess Bride look to them. She’s loving boho-chic and really embraces the Indian trend.

Ashlee Frazier jewelry

Ashlee shows you that the way to stand out is with unique pieces. She will wear arm cuffs, big silver or gold cuffs with stones or unique artwork. Have you seen those rings that cross two fingers, or bracelets that have chains going to a ring that is part of the piece? Ashlee is into this type of unique fashion and it is definitely what makes her stand out. She is not afraid to wear big stones and even gaudy necklaces so long as the designs are authentic and interesting looking. You will see her in gorgeous turquoise pieces, silver, and tassel necklaces. She pays attention to the entire outfit from top to bottom, so her finished look is always perfection.

Ashlee Frazier makeup

Ashlee Frazier’s makeup look is the tan, sun-kissed, all natural look. She goes for strong earth tones and a heavy sun kissed look reminiscent of Jennifer Aniston. However, she does do one thing that really, really makes her pop and that is mascara. Her eyes pop with the longest natural eyelashes ever, and maybe some falsies thrown in there for good measure.

If you want Ashlee’s makeup look you are going to invest in gorgeous mineral makeup in sun-kissed colors for a pure beach look. Don’t forget a sun-kissed foundation followed by plenty of golden light brown bronzer. And then, mascara, mascara mascara to make your eyes pop like Ashlee’s. Ashlee’s makeup motto is nothing to heavy and nothing to dark. Use natural light to apply makeup. Utilize proper brushes and mineral based products.

Ashlee Frazier hair

This woman has incredible naturally light brown hair. She chooses to keep it natural and doesn’t over bleach it. Her hair is naturally curly but she has the advantage of it being long. She may wear hair extensions on occasion. Her overall hair look is truly whimsical with long controlled waves and curves. Ashlee’s signature look is a unique headband or beaded headpiece which gives her that princess look.

Ashlee loves heading to the spa for a spa day. In addition to getting hydro facials she gets her hair deep conditioned and styled. Texas weather is hot and humid and Ashlee gets the Japanese hair straightening treatment. This hair treatment makes the Brazilian Blow out look like childs play.

This Japanese hair straightening treatment doesn’t wash out. It’s permanent. What Ashlee loves about the treatment is that she can go into the ocean or a pool and when she gets out she just lets her hair air dry. She gets her hair straightened by Jonathan Luke at Sensia Studio here in Houston.

Don’t trust anyone to treat your hair, research to find an expert in this process. If you commit, plan on spending a few hours out of your day ever six months or so to touch up and straighten the new roots. Treatments can damage the hair so if you plan to straighten, you should consider keeping your hair color natural and avoiding dyes and bleaches to keep it soft and healthy.

Ashlee Frazier beauty secrets

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