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Berenice Marlohe Beauty Secrets
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Berenice Marlohe Beauty Secrets

If you don’t yet know who Berenice Marlohe is, you aren’t the only one. She has just been unveiled as one of the new Bond Girls alongside Naomie Harris for the latest James bond movie starring Daniel Craig. She is cast as the enigmatic Severine in the 23rd Bond film called Skyfall. Berenice first came to attention as a French actress and model. Foreign women have become famous overnight by virtue of being Bond girls so she is likely to soon be a household name in the states. Berenice is a French model and television actress who sports long beautiful brunette hair and a natural look.

The new Bond girl

Marlohe will join the ranks of some twenty bond girls including Ursula Andress, Barbara Bach, Halle Berry, Eva Green, Britt Eckland and Denise Richards. Morlohe’s signature look is the classic femme fatale with bombshell bed head brunette hair and a curvy healthy body. One of the Bond girl trademark features is that they have exotic looks and are often relatively unknown, then the role as Bond girl catapults them to fame.

Berenice Marlohe Makeup

In many of her sultry poses Marlohe adopts the smoky eyed French look. She wears charcoal jet black eyeliner on both her upper and lower eyelids, and combines that with a very natural face and nude lips. She wears her hair in a casual tousled style, somewhat of a motorcycle girl or what can be considered a European inspired look. Her hair is messy in a sexy way. She looks like a more mature version of Kirsten Stewart. In many of her modeling photos Berenice has darker brunette roots grown out with a don’t care attitude. The fully grown out part of her hair style is a caramel colored high lighted shade of brown.

Berenice Marlohe Fashion

In many of the photographs we’ve found Marlohe adopts the classic French bombshell look. She wears strapless dresses in solid darker colors or vixen jewel tones. Her clothes show off her curves and are understated yet naturally sexy. In her first photo appearance for the Bond movie Marlohe wore a form fitting red v-neck dress that was very womanly and showed off her curvy hips. Her hair was down and natural, even a little dirty and unkempt looking. That casual vixen look was combined with charcoal smoky eyes and the totally nude lip and makeup look. Her skin tone is gorgeous. Berenice has a womanly figure and is definitely not rail thin like many models. She’s a woman with dangerous curves.

Classic Bond girl look

To adopt Bernice’s look, keep your body healthy and not underweight. Accentuate your curves and consider a strapless dress or one in a bright jewel color such as red. Wear totally nude makeup with the exception of smoky eyes. Try MAC makeup and get jet black, charcoal eye shadow. Use an angled precision makeup brush along both the upper and lower lash lines. Add a triple thick application of volume enhancing, lash thickening mascara. False eyelashes would work great for this look as well. Avoid using blush or lipstick and instead use a matte nude foundation and colorless lip balm. Your going to want your entire face to be a uniform beige color with the exception of the charcoal black eyes. Tease hair at the roots and wear it down, natural and slightly disheveled. You can try a sticky hair wax to get the pieced up dirty beach hair look. If you get hair highlights then let your roots grow out dark as if you don’t care. Add high heeled stilettos or classic pumps to complete the Bond girl look.

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