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Blake Lively beauty secrets
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Blake Lively definitely likes some of the more expensive beauty products, especially for skin care, hair care, and fragrance. While she will definitely spend money on skin, makeup and hair, she can save a bit on clothes. Her theory is that casual clothes can be made to look sexy merely by donning a pair of expensive, sexy heels. Loose sexy hair combined with designer high heel shoes transform an outfit, Lively says. Blake loves luxurious skin care from celebrity fav Creme De La Mer to oxygen facials given in a salon. Blake Lively’s favorite beauty products include Creme De La Mer moisturizer cream, which costs an extravagant $275.00 for a jar.

Blake Lively hair care tips

Takes take care of her enviable hair she uses a Mason Pearson handy boar and nylon hair brush, costing a hefty $120. To get a teased grab the top section of hair around the crown, then flip hair and give a few strokes under this layer. That legs the under portion of the hair stay neat, yet makes the top layer of her hair have a sexy and full look to it. Her favorite look is the tousled, hair down and loose vibe. She tries to minimize use of hot rollers and curling irons to keep damage at bay. To get the tousled look she dries it a bit then leaves it damp and pulls it into a tight bun to let it dry the rest of the way. When she lets her hair down it has that natural tousled and wavy look to it.

For shampoo, Blake likes Karastase Bain elixir ultime shampoo, $42.00. To detangle hair, Blake likes Goldwell Dualsenses color detangling conditioner which is a little bit more budget friendly at $16. Blake has been using stylist Rona O’conner of the Lukaro Salon in Beverly Hills, CA to be her hair stylist going back to the days of Gossip Girl. Rona also loves Goldwell Dualsenses detangling conditioner. Another deep conditioning favorite of Blake’s is Wella Professionals brilliant treatment hair mask which smells great and only costs $12.00.

Blake Lively stress reduction

To reduce stress Blake loves to cook and take cooking classes. Her favorite cheat food is ice cream. She’s made everything from chocolate peanut butter ice cream to mint chocolate chip with fresh mint leaves. Cooking or doing something pleasurable like a hobby is a great way to relieve stress and of course, the way to a man’s hears is always through his stomach so cooking skills go a long way towards keeping her man Ryan Reynalds happy. She likes ice cream recipes that incorporate antioxidant rich dark chocolate and nuts.

Blake Lively favorite beauty treatment

Blake confesses that her favorite beauty splurge is on oxygen facials. She swears by them. She is a regular at the local spa for oxygen facials. Similar to other facial treatments, an oxygen facial starts with a deep cleansing. This will remove dirt, grime, and even dead skin built up on the skin that regular soap doesn’t remove. Anti-aging oxygen facials are supposed to help fight off free radicals, moisturize, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Blake swears by facials to keep her skin youthful looking and glowing.

After the cleansing, a hyaluronic serum is applied. Hyaluronic is serum that is concentrated with moisturizers, minerals, and vitamins which are good for your skin. The hyaluronic acid is dabbed gently on to your face and neck and remains for 10-15 minutes allowing it to seep in. The facial is completed with the oxygen treatment. The oxygen application involves applying bursts of pure oxygen to be sprayed on your face through a hose like wand. This refreshes your skin and leaves it feeling amazing.

Blake Lively cosmetics

Blake’s favorite cosmetics include Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil in LSD. This has a great metallic tone to it that she uses on the inside of the eyes towards the nose. Also, try a navy blue eye pencil on the inside lower eye rims to make blue eyes pop even more. Yves Saint Laurent rouge per couture vernis a levres glossy stain is beautiful for a neon bright and fun look. Try the color Orange de Chine for $34.00. This is expensive for lipstick but YSL makes some of the brights hot pink, fiery red and standout lipstick colors every, and the stain stays pu all day.

Blake Lively perfume

Blake loves scented perfumes and candles and is a junkie for good smelling things. In a Marie Claire magazine article interview she recommended Le Labo Santal 26 scented class candles, and Gucci premiere eau de parfum. She likes scents that have a citrus fruit smell but also a bit of musky masculinity. It’s that yin-yang of masculine mixed with feminine that makes a perfume sexy. The Gucci scent mixes fruity citrus and floral scents with a musky deeper wood scent for a perfect combination even though the price point is high at $105 dollars.

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