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Bo Derek Beauty Secrets
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Bo Derek Swimsuit

Bo Derek Sex Symbol

Bo Derek was an iconic sex symbol in the 1980s and is still gorgeous into her fifties and beyond.

Bo Derek Life Style

Derek maintains her gorgeous naturally blond looks with an active lifestyle. She is outdoorsy and gets a strenuous workout caring for and riding her beloved horses. She favors outdoor activities over indoor workout regimens.

Derek is a vegetarian. Largely, she attributes her Playboy level beauty as something she was born with. She lucked out with gorgeous facial features including a nice straight nose, excellent bone structure and the right body type.

Bo Derek Sun Damage

Bo dislikes the jowls in her neck and wrinkles on her face. Her only beauty regret is that she spent way too much time in the sun when younger and also suffered sun burns that did long term damage to her skin.

Bo Derek Beauty Secrets

An important beauty secret that Bo mentioned in an Examiner interview is to exfoliate your face every day. She always exfoliates. Now that she is over fifty, she also wears hair pieces to camouflage her thinning hair. Even celebrities wear wigs and hair pieces to conceal thinning. Her most famous hair do was the beaded corn rows she wore in the movie that made her famous, 10.

Bo Derek On Aging and Mortality

There was a 30 year age difference with her husband, and now she dates a younger man. As far as aging goes, Bo feels that as you get older you physically deteriorate but your mind gets better and you become happy about yourself. That is the positive trade off.

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