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Brooklyn Decker Beauty Secrets
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Model Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker is a Sports Illustrated cover model with a strong, flexible, athletic hot body. She’s been in movies with the likes of Jen Aniston, and she also is the star of the Elle Fitness DVD series called Make Better fitness. With all that going on Brooklyn definitely has some beauty tricks on her play book. Brooklyn has been interviewed by magazines from Elle to Cosmopolitan about her Sports Illustrated swimsuit caliber beauty.

Brooklyn says eat Snacks for energy

When Brooklyn lost energy filming the workout cardio DVD for Elle (from repeated cardio workouts), she knew she had to do something. She followed her agents health advice and started snacking on energy foods such as avocado, chicken and spinach. Being the wife of a famous athlete, Decker says she now has learned to focus not on how thin she is, but rather on how her body performs.

Sports Illustrated Modeling Secrets

Being on many a Victoria Secret swimsuit shoots has taught her some valuable secrets in model beauty and makeup artistry for that natural beachy look. She says that you can’t underestimate how much the models use spray tans and sunscreen. A favorite modeling product on the modeling shoots is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunblock SPF 45 as it givens a glowy, gorgeous, glistening sheen to the skin.

Makeup Look

For modeling shoots set on the beach and in swimwear (e.g. Sports Illustrated), Brooklyn said the models were not really making use of concealer or foundation in the hot, hot sun because it would have melted off. She said the makeup they used was more about smudged eyeliner, lip balm, and a dab of color on the cheeks to bring the face to life. When not modeling, Decker likes to wear mascara and a rosy color lipstick to make her eyes and lips pop. For night, she adds bronzer or a cream based blush and eyeliner.

Model Secrets: Skin Exfoliation

Brooklyn says the models are really into exfoliation. Once a week, she uses this model secret scrub: add a touch of baking soda to a cleanser and massage it onto your face. The baking soda exfoliates gently and gives your skin a nice natural glow. Decker also tips women to shave, as shaving exfoliates dead skin from your legs leaving skin not only hairless but smoother.

Hot oil treatment for Hair

Decker is a fan of the famous Moroccanoil product (so many models love Moroccan Oil). She puts it in her hair, wraps it into a bun and sleeps in it for a deep conditioning. For the tousled beach hair look she puts her hair into a loose bun in the morning time after showering and lets it air dry naturally. When you take it out, you will have some pretty loose waves in it. Sometimes styling hair less makes it actually photograph better.


Decker says having a good liquid bronzer for extra color and coverage is invaluable. To give her self that deep glow all over she loves, loves, loves Dr. Hauschka Bronzing Fluid. She says its subtle and can be used on cheeks, lips and eye lids for a pretty all over glow.

Lip Balm Sheen

For bedroom eyes Decker says try a bit of the Dr Hauschka bronzing fluid on your lids, then put a touch of lip balm (thats right, lip balm) on your eyelids and cheeks. The lip balm trick will give you a pretty sheen and give you instant bedroom eyes. Add mascara to finish the come hither look.

British Cosmo: Top 10 beauty secrets

In an interview for British Cosmo, Decker shares these simple beauty secrets for women. They are, remember that nobody’s perfect, find time for the gym, practice yoga, view exercise as a treat not a chore, notice the beauty in other women, dig in your heals (wear heels for a psycological beauty boost), get in your undies (to feel sexy, put on that lingerie), work your best bits, and smile allot. Finally, Decker says never show off your boobs or your feet -especially don’t do it on a first date!

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