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Carol Alt Swimsuit

Carol Alt Raw Foods

Carol Alt’s beauty secret is to eat raw food.

Carol Alt on Plastic Surgery

Alt is not so much into plastic surgery, scalpels, lasers or injectables. She could care less about Restylane or Botox because she feels that they are only a temporary cure for wrinkles and have to be reinjected months later.

Carol Alt Health

After suffering from acid indigestion, sinus problems and allergies for years, Carol discovered what she considers the holy grail which is eating raw foods. She learned about raw foods from a friend who was on a raw food cancer regimen under Dr. Timothy Brantley in LA. Alt believes that eating raw foods helps her maintain her weight and she was able to overcome weight problems that she suffered from earlier in her modeling career.

Raw Food Diet Philosophy

The raw food diet concept is that once you eat food that has been boiled or cooked up very hot it loses its nutritional value. Fruits and vegetables are often eaten completely raw and meats are lightly seared. Her raw food diet does include meat. She believes strongly in eating raw foods and even penned a book about it called Eating in the Raw. Her beauty has been to eat organically and use organic skin care products.

RAW Essentials Skin Care Line

As a raw food enthusiast, Carol also made a foray into the cosmetics industry with her RAW Essentials line of skin care products. The products use 100% raw active ingredients that are delivered to your skin in their natural organic state. The line is free of Parabens, chemicals and synthetics making it a good fit for women into going green or who have sensitive skin and allergies to synthetics. She sells her products on line and through ShopNBC & HSN.

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