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Catherine Zeta Jones Beauty Secrets

Catherine Zeta Jones Swimsuit

Catherine Zeta Jones Beauty Recipe

Catherine Zeta Jones models as the face of Elizabeth Arden cosmetics. But that doesn’t mean she lacks her own home grown beauty recipes.

Exfoliation with a home made honey and salt scrub is one of her big secrets. She rubs honey and salt on her skin to exfoliate then washes it off after. Zeta Jones says this age old beauty trick helps her combat wrinkles and make her skin soft and gorgeous.

Jones has a few other home grown beauty tricks up her sleeve, one being washing her hair in honey and beer to soften and condition it. Another being to clean teach by eating an apple after a mean, or brushing with strawberries or pineapple to lighten surface stains naturally with the fruits malic acid.

Castor Oil for Hair

Believe it or not Catherine Zeta swears by castor oil to keep the high luster in her hair. Jamaican Black unrefined castor oil is the most popular for hair. You can experiment by adding it just to the ends, or adding a teaspoon or less into your conditioner so your hair won’t get too greasy from it. Castor oil contains Omega-9 fatty acids which are going to help moisturize dry hair. Sweet almond oil is another essential oil with a nice scent.

Catherine Zeta Jones Exercise

For exercise Zeta Jones enjoys casual recreational sports such as golf, dance and swimming. Low impact and safe for the older set, hours of golf can burn calories too. She encourages regularly daily walks on the beach to tone and beat cellulite. Hide flaws with a tan and keep skin moisturized.

Atkins Diet

Jones is said to follow an Atkins based diet which is rich in proteins like meat eggs and fish, and allows fats like mayo, oil and butter. Atkins dieters live without the carbs and skip rice, fruits, veggies and cereals. Though not known as an all around healthy diet people can lose weight quickly on Atkins if it works for them. Some say Atkins can lead to an undesirable loss of muscle mass in addition to the fat you lose.

Catherine Zeta Jones Make Up

Catherine Zeta Jones is a self confessed cosmetics and make up junkie. She says she has worn makeup her whole life, and won’t leave home with out an eye lash curler. Unlike many brunettes, Zeta goes for the bright colors and pastels. She often has purple and pink based eye shadow and is not afraid to go vavoom with eye shadow colors. It’s part of her trade mark look now.

Zeta Jones on Beauty

Catherine says that actresses never look in real life as good as they do on screen. As far as plastic surgery, it appears she is not opposed to it, with evidence of having gotten breast implants after the birth of her children. She says women should realize that photography and great lighting are what creates the perfect movie star appearance.

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