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Having written hundreds of articles on beauty tips, beauty products and celebrity beauty, there are certain products that time and time again are mentioned as celebrity favorites. Some of these best seller beauty products are a bit pricey however the celebrities think they are worth it. What follows are the top mentioned, must have specialty beauty products of the rich and famous.

Hair Oil Treatments

The most popular product by far is
Moroccan Oil

Hair Shampoo and Conditioners

The most popular brands are

Makeup Blush

The most popular high end blush is
Nars. Try the Orgasm Blush or the bronzing blush duo orgasm / Laguna.

Makeup Concealer

The most popular high end concealer is
Cle De Peau

Skin Creams

The most popular creams are by
Dr. Hauschka
And La Mer by
Creme De La Mer

Blemish Treatments

For blemish treatments, mild facial dermabrasion, and clearing pores the celebs like the products from

Beauty Routines

The most important beauty secrets that are gleaned from super models and beautiful celebrites are that they focus on organic healthy lifestyles including diets high in vegetarian food. They engage in regular exercise at the gym and often work out with personal trainers. The most important skin care ritual is that the celebs love exfoliating their skin. Skin exfoliation scrubs are popular. Skin exfoliation is really big, as is the use of body oil and hair oil. Conditioning skin and hair oils are used to keep skin fresh, soft and smooth.

Another big secret is that models and celebrities wear the best concealer and bronzer makeup that they can buy. They also invest in anti aging skin creams. They make use of bronzers and self tanners, while protecting themselves from the real sun with high SPF sunscreen. They love wonderful smelling perfumes and designer clothes. Many celebs eat health food and love smoothies with soy and fruit. They often take vitamin supplements and try organic diets. They also invest in salon skin care treatments such as facials.

I hope you enjoy this website, go to the home page to read about beauty secrets of individual models and actresses. These beauty tidbits were gathered from old magazine interviews, televisions interviews and internet research. It took quite a bit of work to put this site together so be sure to recommend it to your friends! XOXO Secrets for Beauty.