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Cheryl Cole Beauty Secrets
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Cheryl Cole Swimsuit

Cheryl Cole Style

Cheryl’s signature look includes very big hair, dramatic smouldering eyes with tons of mascara, smudged dark shadow and big false eyelashes, bronzed goddess skin, and sexy yet classy designer clothes. She’s been accused of being borderline trashy by fashion critics, though she manages to keep from crossing the line. In essense she has that sexy vavoom style that men go gaga over. She was coined a best dressed celeb by Glamour magazine. Her look is always very sexy yet never too over the top and sleezy.


Cheryl Color is a UK singer in the group Girls Aloud and a reality television star from Popstars the Rivals and the X Factor. She recently became the new face of the cosmetics giant Loreal cosmetics. She has graced magazine covers from Vogue to Bazaar and has been dubbed by the press as both a fashionista. Nikon designated Cole as one of the most photogenic women in the world.

Loreal Hair

Cheryl has beautiful brunette hair and it stands to reason that she was the model for Loreal Hair products. Her campaign however was met with harsh criticism when she was found to have been wearing hair extensions when promoting L’Oreal Elvive shampoo and conditioners.

Some claimed it was deceptive advertising however many stars who promote shampoo products and brands are guilty of indugling in hair extensions. Celebrities are no strangers to extensions! Another favorite hair product of hers is Tigi s factor smoothing shampoo, smoothing conditioner and serious conditioner.

Cheryl Cole Jewelry

Cheryl has been photographed wearing jewelry from her favoite online jewelry store called Doll Heart Candy. Jjewelry designs from Doll Heart Candy feature vintage retro jewelry with unique funky styles.

Cheryl’s Favorite Cosmetics

ISKRA revealed Cheryl’s makeup-bag must haves. Her fav products are as follows. She uses Fake Bake original self tanning lotion for a natural looking fake tan. She also uses Rodial Skinny Beach Sticks.

Her favorite fragrane is Victor & Rolf flowerbomb which has tea, bergamot, sambac, jasmine, orchid, fresia, rose, and patchouli ingredients. She also likes Hugo Boss Boss Orange eue de toilette because it’s a fresh scent.

She loves MAC face and body foundation for it’s light coverage. She says it makes her skin look light natural and dewy, and evens out skin tone while still letting the skin breathe. Another is Mac blush creme for a flash of long lasting cheek color.

For blemish prevention and treatment she chooses Origins spot remover gel which has salycylic acid to speed healing while soothing and reducing redness. For her perfect brows she chooses Jane Iredale super shape me brow kit. The kit features brushes and brow shadow for natural looking beautiful eyebrows.

Nars the multiple in orgasm is the infamous multi purpose stick that gives a sheer bronze touch to the lips, body, cheeks or eyes. She loves it as do so many celebrities. Also, Lancome Juicy tubes in melon is her favorite lip gloss. It’s a transparent shade yet it still has a good bit of shimmering color to it that stains the lips. Juicy tubes are actually the best selling lipglosses around the world. For dry lips she uses the tried and true Carmex lip balm.

Cheryl Cole Skin Care

When asked about her skin care regimen, Cole says she is usually too busy for regular facials to maintain her flawless complexion. Believe it or not she relies on drugstore products such as the UK best selling moisturizer E45. E45 is a drugstore brand basic that tauts dermatological light liquid paraffin, white soft paraffin, and anhydrous lanolin. It’s oily and meant to treat dry skin.

Cheryl is also a fan of Sudocrem. It is normally used for rashes yet also can work wonders for women with sunburn, skin irritation, acne, spots or eczema. Lastly, she goes for Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. If you have more money with which to splurge, Cole says to try Elemis collagen marine cream for anti wrinkle treatment.

Tweedy’s favorite L’Oreal Products

As a spokesmodel for L’Oreal Cheryl reveals her favorites in their product line. L’oreal pure zone step 1 is her choice for skincare and exfoliation. She likes L’Oreal roll on true match foundation for it’s neaveau applicator that is great for a quick foundation touchup.

Cheryl Cole Eyes

She uses L’Oreal shocking volume mascara. Her eyes are always maximally played up. Her signature look includes dramatic false eyelashes coupled with tons of mascara. To accent eyes further, she uses Shu Uemera painting eyeliner creame applied with a fine tipped angled eyeliner makeup brush. Another product she likes for the smouldering eyes is Bobbi Brown classic long wear creme shadow. It also comes in a little pot and is applied with a makeup brush. Along with the played up eyes, she goes for a bronzed goddess look with natural makeup colors in the bronze/tan spectrum. She does not wear bright makeup colors.

Glamour Magazine Beauty Secrets

In an interview for Glamour, Cole recommends L’Oreal Elvive full restore replenishing conditioner for deep treatment and she gets her hair trimmed every 6-10 weeks. She uses plenty of berry coloured lip gloss. She wears false eyelashes to enhance her brown eyes. She carries a supersized purse to fit everything into. She recommends regular exfoliation and likes L’Oreal exfotonic exfoliating gel to help bad circulation.

Cheryl Cole on Beauty

Cheryl says use common sense. She is not one for beauty salons and prefers razors and drugstore creams to waxing and skin treatments. To relax she likes floral, appley or cinnamon scented candles.

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