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Christie Brinkley Beauty Secrets
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Christie Brinkley Swimsuit

Supermodel Christie Brinkley

Watching her, it is hard to believe that Brinkley is well into her fifties already. She’s been gorgeous for decades and follows the same formula of the classic beach babe look. Christie still looks beautiful even having had several failed marriages, family woes and being a single mom of three children.

Christie Brinkley and Total Gym

Christie still promotes the Total Gym fitness machine with Chuck Norris and you may recall seeing their infomercials on late night television. Total Gym is definitely her beauty secret she claims to still use it regularly, and the total gym fitness machine is positively reviewed as a great all around home exercise machine. Christie’s secret is to work out at the gym or at home 3-4 times a week and take a great walk outdoors.

Christie Brinkley Genetically Beautiful

When asked about her beauty Christie attributes some of it to siimply being lucky in the genetic department. She believes her megawatt smile has been her passport to success in the modeling industry. She says she likes ACT brand oral rinse and mouthwash products.

Christie Brinkley on Dieting

Christie’s philiosophy on dieting is to never deny yourself. Eat a healthy diet. She revealed her thoughts in an interview with Prevention Magazine. If you don’t satisfy that urge sometimes, you will wind up substituting less satisfying foods and eating more in the end. She says try to replace your diet with healthy food choices instead.

Christie Brinkley Skincare

Christie loves to exfoliate. Her beauty secret is to always exfoliate and slough off old skin giving way to new skin. Being a CoverGirl model for years, Christie makes use of Cover Girl cosmetics. Cover Girl has an inexpensive line including everything from foundations to eyemakeup, lipstick and moistureizers. Christie wears SPF sunscreen of at least 20 or more before going outdoors.

Hide your forehead wrinkles with Bangs

Christie has the same blond sun streaked hair style she has had for decades. To hide wrinkles on the forehead, Christie suggest cutting bangs as a beauty trick. You can have wispy bangs across the forehead or side swept bangs that are pushed off to one side.

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