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Christy Turlington Beauty Secrets
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Christy Turlington Swimsuit

Christy Turlington Yoga

Christy Turlington has been practicing yoga for more than twenty years. She is an avid fan of this physical practice and yoga is her number one anti aging beauty tip. Her Nuala yoga clothing line she promotes in conjunction with Puma sportswear is the testament to her commitment and belief in the benefits of yoga. Her yoga clothes feature natural muted colors, practical design for feminine comfort and soft luxurious cotton fabrics.

Christy Turlington Vitamin Supplements

In an article for Vogue Magazine she says she loves Nude Hydrate vitamin supplments. Fruit and vegetable drinks, and raw foods also give her the vitamins she needs through natural foods.

Christy Turlington Organic Avenue

At the end of every summer, Turlington does an Organic Avenue juice cleanse to give her digestive system a cleansing. Organic Avenue is an organic, vegan brand raw food and juice company. They deliver the diet drinks to your doorstep and the Love Easy is an introductory cleanse for women who are new to raw foods eating.

Christy Turlington Hair Care Secrets

Turlington’s favorite hair product is called Hair Rules. In the summer months she lets her hair go completely natural. She likes the hair rules curly whip product to add control to her naturally dried tresses.

Christy Turlington Skin Care Secret

Christy splurges on facials. She likes pampering facial treatments. She gets the Lulu Rios-Hollman facial for gentle skin pampering. Also, treatments from Christine Chin for deeper penetration. Christie’s other anti aging beauty secret is her Ayurvedic skincare line called Sundari. The products are sold in Canada and online.

Christy Turlington Mascara

Turlington says enhance your eyes with mascara. The tried and true brand is Maybelline great lash. She recently switched to Pulse Perfection. It’s also from Maybelline, the Define a Lash product line. Mascara is going to make your eye lashes look healthy thick and beautiful. She says wear mascara every day.

Christy Turlington Philosophy on Beauty

Christy is a strong believer that beauty comes from within. Balance yourself and take care or your body, mind and spirit for natural beauty. Use ecofriendly natural beauty products and organic foods. Finally, don’t smoke.

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  1. anonymus says:

    Frankly, not everyone has money to spend on potions. I get to have radiant skin eating healthy, drinking pints of water, exercising 4 times a week and I apply twice a day after showering throughout the body musk oil. I wear from face to foot, and I get enough I look like a sardine. I leave that I absorb and sunscreen before leaving full screen.

  2. anonymus says:

    No wonder then that has such perfect skin. A Spa would do wonders for anyone, but we all budgets can afford it, or at least not mine!

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