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Demi Moore Beauty Secrets
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Demi Moore Swimsuit

Helena Rubinson Wanted

Demi Moore endorses her own perfume fragrance called Wanted. The perfume is a blend of ylang ylang and magnolia.

Demi Moore Skin Care

Demi learned from her mother to moisturize her skin always. Every night before going to bed Demi cleans her face and applies moisturizer to it. Keeping skin soft and elastic makes makeup application easier and you need less makeup if your skin is soft and supple. For sensitive skin like Demi’s she recommends pure skin products that are fragrance free.

A star magazine article wrote that Demi utilizes pure products including olive conditioners for her hair and honey treatments for her skin.

Demi Moore Hair

When not working, Demi keeps her hair healthy by taking a rest from flat ironing, blow drying and curlers. A deep moisturizing conditioner and air drying hair gives it a rest. One of her favorite conditioners is Redken All Soft. She does not have a problem with gray hair and considers herself lucky in that regard.

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery

Rampant speculation and rumours abound about Demi’s plastic surgery, including that she spend 100K plus to revamp her looks setting the bar for women who strive to look amazing in middle age. The rumors were that she had liposuction to the hips, thighs and stomach, breast lift and implants, brow lift, collagen injections, cosmetic veneers, laser whitening, chemical peels, and personal fitness training.

Whatever the truth, it’s probably no secret that she may have indulged in a nip tuck or fix here or there. More and more women near their fifties are following suit and utilizing cosmetic procedures to help them stay fabulous as they age.

Demi Moore on Wellness

Moore has always been into cutting edge anti aging treatments. She admits to doing colon cleanses. On David Letterman she said that when in Austria getting a detexifying colon cleanse she also got leech therapy as part of the wellness treatment.

Leeches have an enzyme that when they suck your blood it gets released into the blood. First the patient bathes in turpentine, then the leaches are latched on. Supposedly, it detoxifies the blood and is an ancient Egyptian cure all treatment.

Demi Moore on Beauty

Demi has said that the secret to looking young is feeling young. She also has a husband fifteen years younger than she is.

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