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Gisele Bundchen Beauty Secrets
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Gisele Bundchen Swimsuit

Victoria’s Secret model Gisele

Supermodel Gisele is no stranger to revealing herself on the Victoria’s Secret runway. A few of her beauty tips include, powdering the T zone with pressed powder to minimiize the appearance of wrinkles. That is the area going from forehead down your nose and around the mouth. Use lip gloss to keep your lips from becoming dehydrated.

In an interview for Elle Magazine, the supermodel admits to wearing big cotton underpants that are comfortable, and squeeze popping her own zits. She uses Nelsons acne gel to hide her blemishes. Her advice for women to be more photogenic is always face the light. Lighting is key. For example, overhead sunlight is going to cast shadows under the eyes. You want the light in front of you, illuminating the face.

Gisele Bunchen Beauty Secrets

Use mascara and alot of it in order to make your eyes look bigger. She uses it on top and bottom lashes both. She also likes to line the inner eye with pencil in a dark beige or gold color to make them look more dramatic. To remove makeup, she uses Lancome’s pink foaming cleanser and Victoria Secret Total remover, both gentle on the skin.

A few more secrets of Gisele, she wears the clear Invisilign braces at night to keep a snaggle tooth in check. She stays active, likes yoga, plays outdoor sports like volleyball and horseback riding, and stays away from the TV. Gisele admits to loving cheeseburgers which aren’t so good for her diet. Gisele never drinks or smokes, and claims to have never had plastic surgery, even though she likely had breast augmentation. She does have her original nose.

Gisele on Touseled Hair

She rarely brushes her hair, instead going for the bed head look. When her hair frizzes she uses Victoria Secret shine serum to the ends. To fill in her brows she uses a grayish brown colored pencil called Blonde Bombshell by Pout.

Gisele on Victoria’s Secret

Gisele likes lacy lingerie the best, her favorite style being a demi-bra that gives you a mini breast lift. Gisele loves Victoria’s Very Sexy Line, featuring names that make you blush like Nibble, Wet and Make Out. Her biggest beauty secret is to be a happy woman and accentuate the positive features of your face. For example, if you have thin lips then accentuate your eyes and draw focus to them.

Gisele Bundchen healthy Balanced Diet

Gisele follows a diet based on the three principles of nutrition, exercise and motivation. This enables her to keep her body in tip top shape. She says the keys to her success are never to deprive yourself of foods you like (she likes cheeseburgers) however don’t overdo the quantity of them. Also, keep carbs in her life such as pasta and rice because they give her energy and make her happy. She likes coco juice. She tracks her weight weekly.

Gisele Bundchen Exercise

Some of Gisele’s favorite exercise includes beach soccer and beach volleyball, jogging on the beach or gym to burn fat, weights (both lifting and machines) to work on specific muscle groups, and stretching to enhance flexibility before and after exercise.

Gisele Bundchen Sejaa Pure Skincare

Gisele markets an eco-friendly skin care line called Sejaa Pure. The ingredients are all natural with green packaging. She markets the day cream, night cream and mud mask. Sejaa products contain chlorella, aloe, algae, shea butter, argan oil and jojoba oil.

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