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Heidi Klum Beauty Secrets
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Heidi Klum Swimsuit

Heidi Klum Skin Care System In an Instant

Heidi promotes her own skin care line with beauty product giant Gunthy-Renker. Her 30-day in an instant skincare kit costs $29.99 and targets exfoliation, hydration, reduction of wrinkles, pore minimizing, lifting and firming of facial skin. The kit has a cleanser, firming serum, wrinkle smoother, a daily tinted moisturizer and a warming scrub.

Heidi Klum Makeup in the Handbag Essentials

Two evening bag essentials for heidi are a sexy powder compact with a small blush brush for application, and a very lip gloss or lipstick shade that matches her outfit. If powder is appled too often she warns that make up will look too heavy, and recommends blotting sheets as an alternative to the pressed powder.

Heidi Klum Red Carpet Glamour Tip

Models know how to make themselves look photogenic. When interviewed Heidi recommended trying some pictures with a digital camera. For a model look, keep head level not too high and not too low. On the red camera if the camera is shooting you at all angles have fun and be natural as this will show through.

Heidi Klum Utimate Beauty Secret is Don’t be Too Thin!

Heidi says that people are too thin as they age look 5-10 years older than their true age. Gauntness in the facial area is a result of being too thin and muscular. Heidi recommends carrying a little meat on the bones, 5-10 pounds, to keep a bouncy youthful figure.

Keep Stresses Down by Staying Organized

Heidi claims to have daily to do lists. Keeping all of her reminders written down helps her juggle her crazy lifestyle and enables her to get to sleep early in the evening at 8:30 feeling well organized. Heidi gets her beauty sleep and so should you.

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