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Helena Christensen Beauty Secrets
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Helena Christensen Swimsuit

Helena Chistensen Danish Beauty

She’s a stunning former beauty queen and Victoria’s Secret Angel. She is also a spokes model for Revlon cosmetics. She likes organic cotton fashion and co-designed for the fashion line called Edun. She also loves the skin care line she is partnered with called Nude.

Helena Christensen Working Out

Helena was not into working out when younger but got into hardcore exercise with old fashioned boxing. She loves the physical and mental challenge and feels not just slim but fit and super strong from boxing.

Helena plays tennis on occasion and takes short 20 minute runs while listening to her favorite music. She also likes dancing. Helena tries to stick to a 4 days a week workout plan, with each workout around 45 minutes.

Helena Chistensen Diet

Helena follows the balanced diet for weight loss. She tries to stick to five small meals a day to lose weight and stay fit. The daily calories of this diet are half healthy carbohydrates, the other half being a mix of fruits and vegetables, proteins especially fish, and then about ten percent of calories from fat/olive oil.

The main idea of Christensen’s diet is overall healthy and balanced eating. She admits that she definitely indulges from time to time in things like wine and whipped cream.

Christensen’s Skin Care

Christensen says she is like most women, a beauty product junkie. She has skin products, tonics and magic serums loaded into her bathroom. She says she shops at Sephora and Bigelow.

A favorite of hers is Bliss mint bar soap. The little grains exfoliate skin and it smells great. She also loves Lancome’s Nutribel fluid with jojoba oil for dry skin. In the sun, she uses sunscreen with high SPF. Nude Miracle Mast is her must have for making her skin tight and glowing.

In a Bazaar magazine article, Helena said she regularly goes to a facialist for beauty treatments. She likes New York City’s Christine Chin Spa. She gets the microdermabrasion and the green tea facial for soft dewy skin.

Helena Christensen Makeup

Christenson likes the natural look of skin and tries to forego foundation. She applies cheek blush and uses a pencil to accentuate her eyes. For lips she keeps them natural and uses lip gloss.

Helena used to accentuate her eyebrows but now prefers to lightly bleach them to a lighter brown and keep a more soft natural look.

Helena Christensen Hair

She keeps her hair brown with natural caramel highlights to accentuate and complement her eyes. She rinses her hair with vodka and lemon juice sometimes, believe it or not. She also admits to using lotions that lighten your hair in the sun.

Helena on Beauty and Aging

In interviews Helena says her main beauty tips are to avoid smoking, stress and contaminents. She feels that the majority of factors that cause early aging and wrinkles can be delayed by following a healthy life style.

Christensen on Beauty

She says she loves being taken care of. She adores perfume for feeling sexy. Her two favorites are Eden, made by Cacharel, and Feminine du Bois, make by Shisheido. She keeps a sense of humor, saying her favorite things are sex and cheese.

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