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Jane Russell Beauty Secrets
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Jane Russell Swimsuit

Classic Hollywood Glamour

Jane Russell represented classic Hollywood glamour. You may remember the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with Marilyn Monroe. Russell played the character Dorothy Shaw. Yes it was a bygone era, but proof positive that voluptuous curvy women are every bit as hot as their skinny counterparts.

Playtex Bras

Jane Russell was also a spokesperson for Playtex Bras. In her time, she was famous for her curvy figure. She was introduced by Bob Hope as the “two and only Jane Russell”, and Howard Hughes said of her stardom, “There are two good reasons men go to see her. Those are enough.”

For a voluptuous look like Russell’s make sure to use the right uplifting bra to enhance your cleavage. If you are large chested make sure to look for a bra with excellent support. For small chested women, look for bras with padding.

There are push up bras that can enhance cleavage, and silicone wedges that can be inserted into the bra to add to your cupsize. Some women choose to pay for breast lift surgery or breast implants as a means of creating or enhancing their curves.

Certain clothes and shapewear can enhance the cleavage, especially tight fitting tops, V-neck tops and plunging necklines. Keep your chest brown spot free by wearing sunscreen as age spots and brown spots on the chest make low cut tops look less than spectucular. Pay attention to intimate apparel as it can certainly enhance your sex appeal.

Jane Russell Retro Glamour

Russell was known as the brunnette version of Marilyn Monrow. She wore her hair color mostly brunette, at times she was auburn. She wore her hair medium length, to the shoulders, and curled in rollers. Her body was her big beauty asset. Her look was very made up, with red lipsticks and heavy penciled eyebrows.

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