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Jennifer Aniston Beauty Secrets
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Cosmetic Favorites

Celebrity cougar Jennifer Aniston has relied on Neutrogena soap for years – a simple $2.75 drugstore purchase. It’s the transparent Amber Bar, a beauty staple that has been around for decades you probably have seen it. She is also an admitted fan of Dr. Hauscka lip balm and mascara. She wears a foundation by Chantecaille to help her flawless complexion and she moisturizes with Caudalie Vino Perfect day moisturizer. Her favorite nail polish color is OPI beige gold.

Water Daily

A representative model for Smart Water, Aniston religiously keeps herself hydrated with two liters of water every day.

Aniston’s Hair Style

Aniston is famous for her up to the minute hair styles. Her styles through the years have set trends with so many women going right to the salon to copy her cut and highlights. She has gone from the Friends “Rachel hair cut” to long sun streaked tresses, and more recently to a sophisticated bob. For controlled wave and body like Anistons blow dry hair with a diffuser, flat iron smooth, then wrap using the barrel of the iron to create waves. Finish with a shine spray or serum.

The new blunt angled Bob

Her long hair was making her look like the other celebrity starlets so her dresser gave her a sophisticated yet still sexy long blunt bob that tilts slightly longer in the front. She recently traded in her signature golden blonde streaked tresses for a natural brown as part of an upcoming movie role.

Jen Aniston’s Workout

Her body is in tip-tip shape from both yoga and Pilates. Aniston works out five days weekly for around two hours time. In addition to yoga and Pilates she enjoys going on the treadmill, runs, stretches, and for toning she lifts free weights. Budokum which is a mix of maritals arts and yoga combined is also a fantastic workout that clears the mind.

Aniston’s diet Secret

Aniston rely’s on salds and plenty of vegetables to keep herself lean. She suggests cutting back on high carbs like pasta and eat more veggies instead. Healthy choices including fruits, salsa, organic corn chips and homemade guacamole keep her skin shiny. Jen likes blueberries for an all natural sweet snack that is low in surgar, and she adds a squeeze of fresh lemon in her water.

Natural look Makeup

For a honey complexion makeup look Jen avoids highlighter and makeup that makes the skin too white or shiny. She keeps her lips soft and extremely subtle. She draws attention to her eyes with black eyeliner and brownish black mascara. Aniston has a rather long face as do many women. To downplay this she adds just the right amount of pale pink on her cheekbones. Try a cream blush with just a teensy hint of shimmer to it.

Aniston Fashion

Jennifer goes for a sophisticated yet totally casual look. In recent years she has become more polished and generally wears solid colors such as white, black or gray and classic styles. She keeps patterns simple and adds sexy high heels to her glamourous outfits. Her most common outfit is a mini skin tight tube dress in a neutral solid color.

On Beauty

Aniston has stuck to the tried and true school of beauty thought. Her hair grooming, eye brows and Neutrogena skin care routine has been maintained consistently over the years. She sticks with a look that works. Her makeup stays basic with the honey nude classic look: nude colored lipstick, beige and brown eyeshadow and golden skin tone.

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  1. Kris says:

    I am looking for the color of nudeish nail polish that Jennifer Aniston has worn for years on her toes. I see you list OPI Beige Gold but I can not find that color anywhere. Do you know where to find that color?

    • admin says:

      Check the various OPI colors. There are several in the nude beige/goldish range. Gala Gold is a gold shimmer one with a neutral base. If you don’t like the shummer the Dinner for Two one is part of the OPI sheer romance collection, it’s a super basic neutral nail color that is pretty. Opening Night Gold is another one to check out. You really can’t go wrong with the OPI colors in neutral classic shades. Good luck!

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