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Jennifer Love Hewitt Beauty Secrets


Jennifer Love Hewitt Favorites

Jennifer Love Hewitt has a trick of using lip gloss applied to her cheeks to add a natural dewy glow to her face. She likes Kristen Bell or LipFusion with collagen. She also likes the famous Elizabeth Arden 8-hour creme skin protectant for moisturzing and a fresh glow.

An associated press article claims that her favorite jeans are 7 For All Mankind and PRVCY straight leg jeans. She likes JCrew Portico wrap dresses, Yves Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs Shoes.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight loss

Jennifer is no stranger to having to endure bad celebrity press. Her ex jamie Kennedy coined her “pear a-s” and she also has been teased for her “love addiction” too. An embarrasing gossip photo showing her with alot of cellulite in a black bikini on the beach was spread rampant across the internet. She landed in the position of having to publicly defend her body and her curves.

After getting ridiculed and gossip slammed for cellulite, the actress still rocked a bikini on the cover of Shape magazine! She has learned to be happy with her body. To get in shape she tried to keep her food choices fresh and healthy. She eliminated treats that were tempting from her fridge all together.

Another trick Love Hewitt employed to get into bikini shape is to always eat lunch. This helps keep her full and dimishes the urge to eat junk food later in the day. Jennifer finds being too slender disturbing and tries to embrace her shapely curves.

Well men don’t seem to mind a little jiggle as she has been repeatedly placed on hot lists for her brunette girl next door sexiness.

Paparazzi Diet

Jennifer lost 18 pounds in two weeks at one point in time. She did so eating 1500-1800 calories a day. She consumed mainly vegetables, fruit and protein. For example, fruit and low-fat cottage cheese in the am, turkey sandwhich w lettuce and tomatoes for lunch, roasted chicken breast or fish and vegetables for dinner. Snacks were peanut butter and apples.

Her personal trainer had her only eating grains before 2 or 3 in the afternoon. She upped her workouts to four xs a week for an hour. Workouts with the trainer included running on the treadmill, jumping rope, and 45 minutes of weight training with lunges and donkey kicks included. For fun recreational workouts she likes to jog, roller blade or swim.

Jennifer Love Hewitt workout

Jennifer got herself fitter not only by eating a diet with lots of fruit, fish and vegetables. She also has focused way more on her regular workout routines. She likes to jog and will go out for a 40 minute run to explore the city when on vacation or in a new area. Love says jogging is a great way to see the sites of a new city and get a good workout in.

Jennifer recommends getting regular exercise and try workouts that put a spark into your every day routine. A good dose of positive thinking will also enhance your confidence, says Hewitt.

Jennifer Love Skin Care

Known for her great skin even without makeup, Jen revealed that she treats occasional pimples by applying a dab of plain old toothpaste to them and leaving it on overnight. By morning, the inflamation reduces.

Jen Hewitt on Beauty

Jen told OK! magazine that she follows a trick from Elizabeth Taylor. After she does her hair and makeup, she takes a hot bath to bring out her inner glow. So, she takes a hot bath after hair and makeup before going out to an event.

She also is trying to be more glamourous in her clothing and apparal choices, all the way down to her lingerie. Because she tends to be a t-shirts and jeans kind of woman, she has to make a bit of effort to ramp up her glam factor.

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