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Julianne Hough beauty secrets
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Julianne Hough beauty secrets

She has graced the covers of Self magazine and Shape magazine for so many reasons, from her beautiful figure to her great attitude. A dancer, judge and country music star, Julianne definitely has experience looking gorgeous for the cameras. Her biggest secret, is that beauty comes from within.

Julianne Hough makeup

Julianne’s favorite makeup brand is La Mer. She likes the tinted moisturizer. For a smaller budget, her drugstore recommendation is L’Oreal. Try the L’Oreal voluminous mascara, and has Crayon Grande lip color in every single color.

Julianne Hough diet

Julianne tries to keep her figure in tact eating healthy foods and drinks. She drinks iced herbal teas, gets protein from snacks such as almonds or humus, and loves vegetables drizzled with apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper. Steer towards protein and vegetables and keep the carp intake down if you are trying to lose. Try to add veggies to your meals, such as making an artichoke and spinach omelet. Alternate protein shakes with green shakes to get a good mix of healthy juicing. For a clean system and your strongest body, don’t drink or smoke.

Julianne Hough workout

Julianne likes the Soul Cycle workout where you ride a cycle and at the same time do exercises with small weights and resistance bands. This gets you firmed up while giving you a nice cardio vascular sweat at the same time. Double effective! She recommends dance classes and ballet, and if your body can’t take high-impact workouts, swimming.

Julianne keeps her life balanced with philanthropic work, and feels that your beauty comes mostly from within. Be happy inside and with your life, and this will translate to an effervescent outer beauty. To reframe your mind, try a tropical getaway or a walk on the beach on a beautiful day.

Julianne Hough beauty secrets

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