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Kate Moss Beauty Secrets
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Kate Moss Swimsuit

Kate Moss Supermodel

Kate Moss is arguably one of the most beautiful women on the planet. She is not known for being a health fanatic however. In fact, she has a reputation for a partying lifestyle. She has a history of smoking ciggies and lots of sunshine.

Lifestyle aside, she is still a total stunner. Her biggest asset being strong sex appeal. She is also said to spend quite a bit of money on regular facials and body treatments, not to mention expensive creams such as A-list creme Creme de la Mer.

Kate Moss Beauty Secrets

For her top beauty secrets, Moss recommends waxing or lasers to shaving. Use tons of moisturizer and get plenty of beauty sleep she says. she likes to spritz her skin with rose water to combat dehydration. She likes to refresh her face with ice water and cucumber, an old-school Joan Crawford beauty trick. The cucumber takes out the puffiness.

Kate Moss Model, Fashion and Style

Moss is a stand out for her effortless style. Moss is known for her hip clothes. She likes stretchy black jeans and a boot or flat shoe for comfort when traveling to modeling jobs. She even has had a clothing line for TopShop. Her fashion weopon is unique vintage clothes. She often wears ankle boots with skirts and dresses.

Kate Moss Rimmel Makeup

Moss loves makeup. She like Rimmel of course, and also is said to have some of these items in her make up bag. Her favorite Rimmel makeup is the eyeliner and mascara. Kate uses Rimmel Londen soft kohl eye liner in jet black. For mascara, try Rimmel Magnif’eyes, and always carry a good eyelash curler such as she uemura curlers. Keep baby wipes or wet wipes handy to clean skin, and refresh. She likes Lancome’s eye makeup remover for removing makeup gently without being too oily.

Kate Moss Makeup Favorites

For cheek stain she recommends Jelly Pong Pong blush stick. Her signature scent is penhaligons bluebell eau de toilette. It’s a floral scent with spicy undertones. Philosophy kiss me lip balm leaves her skin soft and smooth. Lip balms with vitamin e, sweet almost and kiwi are awesome. Try Clinique almost lipstick in black honey for a dark, sheer stain. Always use concealer for the appearance of flawless skin. Try Laura Mercier undercover concealer for camouflaging dark circles in the eye area. Apply eyeshadow with a really fat eyeshadow brush and then put kohl on top of that and blend for a smoky eye look.

Kate Moss on Exfoliating the Skin

For exfoliating dead skin cells and keeping her facial pores clog free, she like Dermalogica overnight clearing gel rrp. For the body, try Jo Wood Tula exfoliating salt scrub rrp. Salt scrubs moisturuze the skin and exfoliate leaving the skin invigorated and smooth. Try salt scrubs with jojoba and apricot and even dead sea salt.

Kate Moss Skin Cream

Kate likes Creme de la mer moisturizing cream, an expensive celebrity favorite for the face. Less expensive alternative Kate likes are Dr Hauschka Rose day cream, and Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream for dry skin. For her body Kiehls creme de corps body lotion with sesame seed oil and cocoa butter is her favorite. To rescue super dry skin Kate uses a deep oil. Try Clarins Blue orchid face treatment oil to combat severely dry skin. Another one in Kate’s arsenal is Nars Body Glow oil which also adds a shimmery effect while moisturizing.

Kate Moss Face Firming Machines

In an In Style magazine interview, Kate confesses to using a face firming machine that works your muscles. It’s called Tua Tre’nd Face.

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