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Katie Maloney beauty secrets
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Katie Maloney from the Bravo TV reality show Vanderpump rules manages to look chic amidst all the craziness that transpires on the fun to watch show. Here are a few of her beauty secrets.

Face Oil

Cream moisturizers are a staple but Katie has also fallen in love with an ultra nourishing face oil called Sunday Riley’s Juno Hydroactive Cellular face oil. This face oil will soften your skin and give you anti-aging benefits with antioxidant rich ingredients. Try a little first to make sure an oil agrees with your sensitive facial skin before using this oil more liberally, and even then, the tiny bit goes a long way. This can be used also prior to taking makeup off the face as it helps the makeup glide off.

Lip Balm

Speaking of moisturizing your skin, Katie is a big fan if Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips. What a name for a lip balm. Before you put on that lipstick consider that you need to nourish your lips any time you are out in the sun and keep them from getting dry and chapped. This ultra moisturizing lip balm stays put until it is fully absorbed and your lips are soft as can be. Katie Loves this brand of lip balm and swears by it.


Being on a reality show, you have to really know your makeup to get your skin looking just right. Katie loves Becca X Jaclyn Hill shimmering skin perfector in the color Champagne Pop. What a great name. This highlighter is like a cross between pressed powder and bronzer and the color is very natural to give you a perfect natural glow to your skin.

Katie Maloney beauty secrets

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