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Kristen Stewart beauty secrets
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Kristen Stewart Beauty Secrets

Kristen Stewart is one of the most beautiful young celebrities in 2013. One thing that makes her stand out from the crowd is her signature retro fashion style. As demonstrated in the GQ UK magazine in which she appeared on the cover and in a full photographic layout, her luscious retro style is totally unique. She is not scared to wear edgy, retro looks as is demonstrated by the retro bikini she wears in the photo shoot.

Another aspect of her beauty is the healthy look she portrays. She has a great body, luscious natural hair that she keeps naturally colored, and piquant lips with a snaggletooth smile. It all makes her look young, and not plastic at all. She is not doing the collagen injections, implants, bleached hair or other procedures that make somebody look more standard Hollywood. All that adds up to her oozing natural sex appeal. Her one signature beauty secret is the sexy, edge and almost a little naughty sense of style.

Kristen Stewart Skin Care

Kristen Stewart is proof positive that you do not need a tan, fake or real, to look sexy and amazing. Her skin is very fair. With that complexion she is staying out of the sun and regularly wearing sunscreen with a high SPF. This is a lesson to women who want to maintain alabaster white skin like snow white. Keep it protected and stay out of the sun. If Kristen does go blond and tan, it will be for a movie role only.

Kristen favors beauty products that keep her skin clean, fresh, and moisturized. She has very oily skin and says she uses Proactiv and has been a Proactiv fan for a long time. She also recommends the skin care product line Skinceauticals. They have wonderful serums to prevent wrinkling and rejuvenate the skin.

Kristen Stewart Makeup

For Kristen’s flawless makeup look you’ll want to capture the pale vampire essence. Choose a light foundation such as Laura Mercier’s silk creme foundation. You are going to want to blend, blend, blend, and create an all-over flawless one color look to the face that is rather pale.  Skip the heavy blush so that skin as a uniform, one-color look.

Fill in eyebrows with a brown pencil matching your eyebrow shade to define them. This is an essential look. If you view older photographs of Stewart she doesn’t look quite as hot as she does today and part of that is that her eyebrows are now done to perfection. They are on the thicker side, but nicely shaped and penciled in to make beautifully frame her eyes. Think of older pictures of Brooke Shields or even Jennifer Connally. Stewart adopts the same natural thicker and bold look to her eyebrows and it flatters her immensely.

Load on the black mascara to create exotic edgy eyes. Line eyes with a blackest black pencil to make them pop. Try false eyelashes to make the eyes look cat like and vampirish. Another trick is to try a shimmery brown shadow across the lids. Try MAC charcoal brown color. Kristen often wears a lighter sparkly eyeshadow shade on the inside of the eyes, which makes her eyes look bigger.

For lipstick you will see her either wearing a nude look, or a blood red lipstick in a deep dark vampire shade for an edgy retro look. Her lips are on the thin side and they still look coquettish and adorably sexy. You don’t need sausage lips to look sexy as all get out and Kristen Stewart of proof of that.

Kristen Stewart Diet

While she has had in the past a reputation for surviving on red bull and cigarettes, Kristen has recently taken steps to get into shape. She went from accusations of anorexia to healthy by working out and improving her diet. When she was younger she admits to not doing much in the way of dieting and workouts but now all that has changed.

Stewart recently adopted a healthier diet with simple foods. She is not following any specific regimen, but rather eating healthier and making better choices. She loves pasta and Mexican food. She is trying to cut back on the red meats and buttery foods, opting for lean meat and lighter choices.

Kristen Stewart Workout

Kristen Stewart weathered the storm when she reputedly had a dalliance with her director then got back together with beau Robert Patterson. To keep herself sane she adopted a great workout plan. She was already slender but has recently spent countless hours in the gym working on her body. For fun Kristen likes to dance and ride horses.

To get into shape, Kristen stays off the alcohol and has backed off from smoking. She took up Bikram yoga as well.  Her workout plan is definitely working as she looks better than ever with a smoking hot body. She is slender and pale, and has a girl next door look. One thing that stands out about her body is that she hasn’t fallen for the whole Hollywood breast implant craze, at least not yet. She has a little girls body and a smaller chest. The result is a natural look that is still so appealing to men.

Kristen Stewart hair

Her rocker style sleek hair is so enviable. They say that your hair reflects your health and she definitely has a great head of hair. It is thick and brown with a sexy, naturally tousled look. At times she wears her hair in voluminous curls, but mostly, her hair has a soft tousled I just got out of my bed and did nothing to it look. So sexy!

This is proof you don’t have to curl the hair or flat iron the hair. Just keep your hair one day old, and remember to use a volumizer at the roots when it is wet. Part of the sexiness of Kristen’s hair is that she has no real part and instead wears her hair sexily swept over to one side of her face. It is a hot, devil may care rocker style hairdo. She is one of the sexiest young actresses on the celebrity scene right now.

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