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Lauren Conrad Beauty Secrets
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Lauren Conrad Beauty Secrets

Reality starlet Lauren Conrad is also an occasional clothing designer and author. She recently launched a vintage beauty site called The beauty Department with her long time hair stylist Kristin Ess and her makeup artist Amy Nadine. Geared toward the younger twenty something crowd, they offer useful instruction and information about styling tools and ways to get the celebrity looks outside of the salon. Conrad says she is even writing a new beauty book to answer questions about style, hair, makeup, skincare, manicures and anything beauty related.

Lauren Conrad Hair

To keep hair soft, Conrad uses a deep conditioner from Unite once a week. It repairs the damage to chemical and processed hair. Leave it on for ten minutes while in the shower or bath for soft hair. To create a messy natural look on her days off Conrad recommends spraying on a beach spray right out of the shower. As the hair dries make sure to scrunch it for messy natural waves. If she blow dries or straightens hair with a flat iron, Lauren likes to put a touch of Moroccan Oil in her hair after the job is done to tame any smooth out any remaining fly aways.

Conrad has sported a variety of shades of hair color. She’s had her hair California beach blond, darker blond with highlights, light brown, and brunette with soft caramel highlights, even peachy colored! She is not afraid to let her hair dresser go to town on her. When celebs like Rachel Bilson and Ashlee Simpson sported multi-toned colored hair Conrad was fearless in following suit of the hair trend. For fun she wore brunette hair to the hairs and blond hair on downward. For a fashion pick me up try tying a vintage scarf in the hair. Conrad likes scarves worn as a head band in classic patterns such as polka dots. It dresses up her look in an instant.

Lauren Conrad Makeup

In a Seventeen magazine interview Conrad recommends utilizing under eye concealer around the eyes to even out discolorations and flaws. Her favorite concealer is the high end pricey but ever popular Cle de Peau. The matte color of a natural concealer will make your eyes look more flawless and dramatic without looking as though you are wearing any eyeshadow whatsoever. To keep your face looking fresh under stress try Kerstin Florian Eye Rescue, another Lauren Conrad favorite. The neroli saturated pads help de-stress and calm puffed up under eyes.

Conrad used to be a spokes person for Avon but in recent years her tastes have gone to more sophisticated high end cosmetics brands such as Cle de Peau. She also admits to splurging on expensive beauty treatments such as oxygen facials and laser hair removal. Her absolute favorite beauty product is mark Scanda-Lash hook up Mascara in black, which gives her thick full eyelashes sans clumping.

Self tanning

As the blond Orange County beauty on reality TV Conrad knows a thing or two about self tanning. Her favorite fake golden glow can be achieved by using Dior self tanner. She’s tried about 20 brands of self tanners and has said in magazine interviews that Dior reigns supreme with a no orange golden perfect fake-tan result. She recommends that you test a small area with the tanner to check how the color reacts to your skin. If it doesn’t work it can be covered easily. Better safe than sorry.

Conrad also recommends using bronzer makeup to get the tan look to her facial skin rather than an actual sun tan which is skin damaging. She likes bronzer more than blush on the cheekbones since it gives a more natural result. Apply the bronzer just under the cheekbones with a large fluffy make up brush for a natural look like hers.

Lauren Conrad Style

Lauren Conrad is a big fan of vintage inspired style. She also goes for the trendy styles too. For example, she’s been seen wearing Ombre shaded nails where the thumb and first finger are shaded darker and then the fingers lighten up as the get to the last pinkie finger being the palest. You’ll need a few shades of nail polish to get this look.

Lauren Conrad Fashion

With her stints on MTV’s Laguna Beach and the spinoff hit series The Hills Conrad become very inspired by fashion. She has had two fashion lines LC by Lauren Conrad and more recently Paper Crown. At the height of her fashion career, her collection of women’s clothes sold exclusively at Kohls. Her Paper Crown line features pleathers with soft feminine colors and styles. The price point for the line is fairly high for twenty somethings budgets, since it is the range of sixty dollars for tops and up to hundreds of dollars for her designer bottoms, dresses and jackets.

When she worked an internship at Teen Vogue during a season of The Hills the readership to that magazine literally doubled. She was also the spokesperson for Mark which was a line created by Avon and marketed to the younger generation. She appeals to a younger working woman with a fashion aesthetic that is fresh, sweet, forward and full of feminine charm. While her clothes cost more than say Forever 21, none of her styles are overtly revealing or trampy looking. Her line of clothes has ample body coverage to be appropriate in an everyday working environment for a young professional.

Conrad had hoped to launch a new TV show about her fashion endeavors however MTV did not pick up the show. Perhaps it will be reworked and still a go in the future. Though disappointed by that set back in the fashion industry, Conrad has forged forward and landed a publishing deal to author more books. She even launched her own production company so that she would own the rights to have her books turned into films. L.A. Candy is one of her books, about a young woman who moves to Los Angeles and becomes the star of a reality show. Sound familiar? Obviously the book is inspired by her own life. Conrad is also pursuing her beauty tips web site project and a possible beauty product line.

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