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Lauren Hutton Beauty Secrets
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Lauren Hutton Swimsuit

Lauren Hutton Good Stuff Makeup

Lauren Hutton started modeling again in her late forties. Makeup was making her look older, which inspired her to start her own makeup lines. She avoids saturated colors, heavy textures, and sparkly finishes. Muted cosmetic shades are her favorite for older skin.

Lauren Hutton Makeup Lessons

In a Ladies Home Journal interview, Hutton recommends using an eye shadow color two shades darker than your natural skin color. Make sure to fill in sparse eyebrows and complete the ends of your brows with a natural brow pencil.

Instead of using a super heavy foundation, Hutton recommends the use of a concealer followed by a sheer foundation application for a more natural look that still dimishes flaws. Use a natural looking lip tint that won’t bleed and feather into lip wrinkles.

Hutton has her own brand of oil blotting papers called Good Stuff Suck Ups. They help cut shininess and slickness for a nice matte finish.

Lauren Hutton Aqua Mineral & Face Disc

Hutton now sells her own branded make up through the Home Shopping Network, HSN. She has a water mineral make up called Aqua Elements. Also, she sells the Face Disc which is a tray of natural colored face makeup designed for the mature woman.

Saving money on Cosmetics Brands

Here are a few of Hutton’s money saving tips. Hutton likes Bobbi Brown eyeshadow or Jane for less money. She likes Maybelline Smooth Results concealer for an inexpensive flaw cover. Physicians Formula Pearls of Perfection face tint gives a light foundation coverage for less. Try a Chanel Brow pencil or Ramy Miracle Brow for slighly less. Smith’s Rosebud Salve is a favorite lip balm, reasonably priced.

Lauern Hutton Fashion Advice

At seventy and modeling for JCrew Hutton knows a thing or two about fashion. She goes for a laid back sensible look. A little bit of messiness gives you a casual sexiness says Hutton. For timeless beauty develop your own personal and unique style through trial and error.

Lauren Hutton on Personal Style

This beauty quote of Hutton’s fashion sense has been circulated around the web “It’s better to look as if you’ve just thrown something on rather than prissed everything up. I like when things are slighly off-kilter, asymmetrical and a little messed up.”

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