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Lily Aldridge Beauty Secrets
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Lily Aldridge Beauty Secrets

She’s gorgeous, slender, and a Victoria’s Secret Fashion show angel. Just a few months after giving birth she was modeling again making her runway debut as a sexy mom.

Lily Aldridge Workout

Lily works out intensely to keep her figure toned and slim. Her workout secret is to mix her cardio with body toning. For cardio she likes active fun sports like boxing. For toning she likes ballet or Pilates. Her workout routine is designed to keep her figure slender, toned and lean rather than bulky and muscled. Lily listens to all types of music when working out. Queens of the Stone Age and Arcade Fire are a few bands that top her play-list favorites.

Lily Aldridge Diet

Lily works out with a personal trainer to keep her body lean, but she also focuses on eating a clean diet with plenty of organic protein. Two weeks before a modelling show she really amps up the diet routine and watches every thing she eats. Like most regular people she loves a good pasta and soda but that gets traded in for salads, organic proteins, fruits and vegetables. A clean diet is key to prepare for a show like the Victoria’s Secret lingerie show.

Lily Aldridge Skincare

Plenty of sleep and water are Lily’s first tips. She travels quite a bit modeling and even brings a beauty eye mask and ear plugs to get her rest. To keep skin clear she likes Shu Uemura balancing cleansing oil. For a healthy glow she likes Victoria Secret shimmer dust.

Lily’s favorite beauty products for the face are from Mario Badescu. She got a facial there and has been addicted to their products since, including their face moisturizer with SPF. Lip balm is her must have beauty item, she carries a lip balm at all times.

Lily Aldridge favorite Beauty Products

A few of Lily’s favorite beauty products include Fresh lip balms, Fresh candles and Body Polish, and EO bath salts. She uses Mario Badescu face lotion religiously. The second Lily gets home she goes makeup free, removing the makeup with gentle Cetaphil. She loves Nars Laguna bronzer, and Rose Mario Swift’s Living Luminizer highlighter.

Lily Aldridge Hair

Lily is lucky to have naturally wavy hair but she does bring out the curl even more using a 1.5 inch curling iron. She curls it with the iron every few days and then pulls it out gently with fingers or a tong. She likes a simple, natural wavy look to her hair. She likes Oribe dry texturizing spray to give her hair amazing texture and make it more photograph-able. She also uses stylist Tracey Cunningham in Los Angeles for hair color.

Lily Aldridge Beauty Tip

Lily recommends a workout that mixes up ballet, Pilate’s, yoga and boxing. As a new mom you need to workout intensely so Lily recommends you vary up the routine between cardio and body toning so that you never get bored.

Lily Aldridge Beauty Secret

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