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Linda Evangelista Beauty Secrets
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Linda Evangelista Swimsuit

Model Linda Evangelista

The supermodel from the 1990’s famously said to reporter Michael Gross that she wouldn’t even get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day. She’s famous for her chameleon looks having had a plethora of different hair and makeup looks.

Linda Evangelista on Cosmetic Surgery

Evangelista is pro-cosmetic procedures. She readily admits to using Botox and getting Thermage regularly. She’s open about cosmetic enhancements and views them like hair and makeup, a means to improve ones appearance and fight aging.

The Thermage Procedure

Thermage takes place in a doctor’s office. It is a non-surgical skin tightening procedure that uses radio waves to lift and firm the skin. Also known as ThermCool and ThermaLift, Thermage is typically used to tighten facial skin and smooth wrinkles with no down time at all. It’s also an option to body contour other parts of the body such as stomach, legs and buttocks. Some women get Thermage as a follow up treatment to liposuction.

Thermage delivers radiofrequency energy in order to help heat collagen and help it rejuvenate so that the skin looks tighter. Each pulse cools the topmost layer and delivers heat to deeper layers of the skin. Some women like Evangelista swear by it, others think it is not truly effective in inducing collagen tightening.

Linda Evangelista Makeup Tricks

Evangelista says to experiment with makeup. For example, she wears lipstick on her cheeks as blush. Moisturize your face first and then use your fingers to blend in the lipstick color onto bare skin for a natural unmade up hint of color. Lip gloss can also double as a cheekbone highlighter, as can a shimmery eyeshadow. You can also use eye liners to line the lips.

Yardley Makeup

As a model for Yardley Makeup she likes Yardley concealer for covering dark eye circles. For cheeks she likes the Brish n Blush. Use a big fluffy soft make up brush for cheek color and blend, blend blend. Tap the handle of the blush brush to avoid depositing to much color onto your cheeks.

Cheekbones and Lips

Emphasize your cheekbones with a hint of color and highlighter. To get a perfect lipstick color for your lips, apply it to your finger tips to sample the color. To give the illusion of bigger lips, you can pencil just outside the lip line and create a cupids bow, the two little peaks at the center of the top lips.

Evangelista uses Hamadi Hair Products

Hamidi is the one beauty product Evangelista says she can’t live without. Having processed her hair extensively, Hamadi helps her hair grow back strong and shiny. Hamadi is full of essential oils and totally organic. Try the Honey Soymilk Hairwash, Shear Hair Cream, and Shea Hair Spray.

Linda Evangelista on Motherhood

As a L’Oreal spokesmodel, her beauty motto is that becoming a mother has made her feel more beautiful than anything else.

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