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Miranda Kerr Beauty Secrets
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Maranda Kerr Swimsuit

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret models have to look like they have a bronzed tan when modeling lingerie. Kerr likes the Victoria Secret product Bare Bronze tanner. It gives a natural looking bronze fake tan. Her favorite Victoria’s Secret lip gloss is Pink Lemonade. She likes Active Body Lift as a firming body cream.

Essential Oils

Kerr loves essential oils and uses them instead of perfume. She likes sandalwood, gardenia and ylang-ylang. Sometimes she burns peppermint oil in an oil burner or adds drops to her bath.

Cosmetics & Hair Products

Her hair gets handled alot so she needs to keep it soft, hydated and smelling fresh. For hair Kerr uses Frederic Fakkai Technician Color Care shampoo and conditioner and Color Care Mask. Kerr likes Kora Energising Mist and Kora Recovery Eye Gel Treatment. She uses Lancome Paris L;Extreme Lenghthening Mascara in the color Noir Stretch (pretty pricy at $52). She advises curling eyelashes first, then applying the mascara.

Miranda Kerr stays Hydrated

For traveling to model shoots Miranda always has bottled fresh spring drinking water on hand. Especially with flying and time changes, she tries to stay hydrated and get plenty of beauty rest. Kerr drinks between one and two liters of water a day. She infuses her water with noni juice. Noni juice is a Tahitian beverage derived from the juice of the fruit of a noni tree from SouthEast Asia. The noni fruit is similar to the acai berry, in the sense that there is debate about whether these specialty fruit drinks have magical health superfood benefits. One thing is pretty certain which is that fruits are good antioxidants. Just know that noni juice is high in potassium so some women can’t drink it. You can buy noni juice at health food stores. Kerr adds a splash of noni juice to bottled drinking water for a taste akin to fruit flavored water.

Look Younger Foundation

In a Good Health interview, Kerr advises that heavy foundation adds years to the face. To allow your skin shine through, use a more tinted or transclucent formula. Use a concealer to hide remaining flaws near the eyes and nose for example, making sure to blend it in well. Her favorite is Kora Tinted Day Care Cream for lightweight coverage.

Dry Body Brush

You dry brush with a natural bristle dry skin brush. It looks like a scrubber brush with a long hangle. You brush the body gently every day. After you brush you take a bath or warm shower to rinse off, followed by applicaion of a moisturizing body cream.

Kerr says she dry body brushes every day. It improves circulation and leaves skin soft and refreshed. It may help keep cellulute at bay too, says Kerr. It may seem odd to do, but brushing of the skin is purported to remove dead skin cells, improve blood flow, improve skin’s texture, and get rid of cellulite. Dry brush lovers claim that the lymphatic system is cleansed by performing this daily.

Healthy Whole Food Eating

Miranda tries to drink raw fruit juices whenever she can. She loves juicing as a way to consume all the daily vitamins and minerals. She tries to eat as much fresh organic produce as she can. She shops at Whole Foods and Union Square for organic products. She even buys goat’s milk yogurt.

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