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Naomi Campbell Beauty Secrets
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Naomi Campbell Swimsuit

Now On Oprah and Then in Playboy Magazine

In an older interview for Playboy magazine supermodel Naomi Campbell once famously admitted that she rarely dieted, she smoked, and drinked now and then.

More recently in an interview with Oprah, the model shared a new found devotion to drinking a mix of maple syrup, cayenne papper, lemon juice and water. She claims to clean out her body with this detox diet lemonade elixir three times a year!

As for exercise, skipping rope. Her boyfriend was very health conscious and she said he was a positive influence on her health and nutrition.

Naomi Campbell Perfectly trimmed Eyebrows

In a Marie Claire interview, Campbell advises that every woman trim their eyebrows properly. Getting the eyebrow shape just right can make a huge difference in the structure of you face. It also can make your eyes “pop” more and look prettier.

Naomi Campbell Supermodel Hair

Naomi recommends that you twist up your hair after you have washing it and then let it just dry like that. Once you let it down, you will have those gorgeous natural waves that the models have.

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