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Patty Pasadena Beauty Secrets
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Patty Pasadena

Patty Pasadena Beauty Blogger

Patty Pasadena has the biggest free beauty tip web site on the internet. She reads and writes about beauty products, cosmetic surgery procedures and fashion. Her blog is geared towards older women over forty, fifty and sixty.

Top beauty Tips

A few of the beauty tips Patty sees the stars employing include using concealer to hide aging flaws, wearing natural looking makeup, buying body oils for softer skin and makeup removal, a trend toward creams with organic ingredients, exfoliating skin regularly, and following a healthy lifestyle.

More free beauty secrets from Patty Pasadena can be found at Mature Beauty.

Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Says Patty “Beauty secrets by Secrets for Beauty has the best Hollywood celebrity beauty secrets! Read about beauty secrets of the stars and the rich and famous women of Beverly Hills. Discover beauty secrets from models around the world and more, all in one centralized beauty secret site. You can read about how beautiful women stay beautiful!”

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