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Penelope Cruz Beauty Secrets
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Penelope Cruz Swimsuit

Penelope Cruz Clothing Designers

For red carpet celebrity events, Cruz has worn fashions by her favorite world famous high end clothing designers. Dolce & Gabbana, Karl Lagerfeld, Oscar de la Renta, John Galliano and Alber Elbaz have all created red carpet gowns for her.

Penelope Cruz Diet Secrets

The Spanish beauty keeps her fantastic figure in shape for the red carpet by following a low carb Mediterraneon diet. She eats a lot of fruits and vegetables, while keeping the bread, pasta, rice and olive oil in moderation.

The Mediterranean diet uses olive oil as the primary fat consumed. The menu is pretty well rounded including fruits, nuts, bread, ceral, pasta, rice, yogurt and chees. Fresh unprocessed food is encouraged, as is poultry, fish and eggs (instead of red meat). A glass of wine is fine.

Her temptations are bread, pasta, fried food and soda so she has to work at staying slender. She tries to avoid junk food and for a sweet tooth eats an all natural LaraBar on the run, only 210 calories.

Penelope Cruz Natural Beauty

Penelope has always gone for the natural beauty make up look. Her makeup always stays within the natural earth tone hues. Cruz keeps her eye brows thicker, yet still neat and trim, and rustic earthy makeup is her trade mark. You never see her in Las Vegas bright colors. Her ultimate beauty philosophy is that if you love your life, it shows in your face.

Penelope Cruz Hair

Cruz keeps her brown hair naturally brown. To add an extra pop and dimension she sometimes get subtle caramel highlights woven into her hair. The warm copper color is a few shades above her base color yet not too obvious. Her highlight streaks are mostly around her crown and not throughout. It’s a partial caramel colored weave that gives her hair an extra dimension.

Penelope Cruz Skin Care

Penelope is a client of N.Y.C. salon owner Christine Chin. She is a celebrity esthetician. Penelope uses Christine Chin Retinol Smoothing Fluid to clean and gently remove dead skin cells like a very mild dermabrasion.

Cruz’s evening cleansing routine is washing face with soap and water, apply a cleaning milk, exfoliate gently, and finish with a hydrating mask and eye wrinkle cream.

Penelope Cruz Cosmetic Favorites

In interviews she has said she likes Tresor fragence for perfume. She uses Hypnose mascara, Lancome’s L’absolu Rouge hydrating lipstick, and Secret de Vie moisturizer.

Penelope Cruz Exercises

Cruz tries to hit the gym for up to an hour a day. She does the Weight lifting machines to tone and firm, kettle bells and interval weight training to improve muscle mass and strength. She stretches for flexibility before and after every workout, and power walks for cardiovascular exercise. For fun she likes professional dance classes.

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