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Raquel Welch Beauty Secrets
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Raquel Welch Swimsuit

Raquel Welch Exercise Routine

Raquel works out six days a week. She likes yoga, cardio exercise and weight training and spends two hours exercising each session!

Raquel Welch Diet

Welch strictly diets and follows a healthy eating regimen. She believes in a high protein, low carb diet. Her healhy foods include whole grains, very lean protein and organic fruits and vegetables. She is very health and diet conscious. She eats the recommended daily servings of fruit and veggies, and drinks alot of water too.

Raquel Welch on Plastic Surgery

She has no problem with plastic surgery however she believes that plastic surgery alone is not what makes a women look amazing. In particular, no amount of surgery can replace the importance of a healthy diet and regular consistent exercise.

Welch admits to using all sorts of zany beauty products as part of her maintenance ritual. She really does use Frownies these patches worn at night to stop wrinkles around the eyes from forming. She employs every trick in the book and works to maintain her sex symbol status.

Raquel Welch on Beauty

Staying beautiful takes alot of time of her day. She readily admits both in interviews and her book Beyond the Cleavage that she puts alot of hard work into maintaining her sex symbol looks. She has been a health, fitness and makeup fanatic for years.

Raquel Welch Beauty Products

Raquel is a spokesmodel for MAC cosmetics, Foster Grand eyewear, and her signature Raquel Welch wig line. She has also authored several books on health and beauty topics.

Raquel Welch Wigs

Raquel admits to wearing wigs and hair pieces regularly in order to make her hair appear thick and luscious. In her celebrity photos you can often see the telltale signs of a front lace hairpiece. A front lace piece involves glueing a strip of lace to the front hair line and pulling pieces through. Sometimes you can see the the lace hair piece exposed if the hair is not combed over it carefully. The hair piece makes the hairline look much thicker and stronger than it actually is.

Welch loves wigs and readily admits to wearing them herself. Not only that, she markets and sells wigs using her name. With the advenced new technology of synthetic materials, she is a true fan of synthetic hair wigs, pieces, and extensions. Synthetic wigs can look as good if not better than wigs made from natural human hair.

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  1. I read that Raquel uses a cream called Ciede Peau Beaute, and loves it. I saw some in EBay, they went from little to as much as 800.00. I am 70 years old, which is the right cream, as there are so many.


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