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Salma Hayek Beauty Secrets
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Salma Hayek Swimsuit

Salma Hayek Juicing Detox

Salma believes in detoxing from rich high calorie foods with juice cleansing. She has been doing cleansing for years. In a Us Magazine article she mentioned Eric Helm’s Cooler Cleanse detox system. It is a three or five day home delivered juice detox program.

The juice drinks come in flavors such as watermelon lime and almond milk, and the diet is less than 1,200 calories a day. Salma says the short cleansing helps rejuvenates her skin and improves her attitude towards healthy eating.

When Salma needs to lose weight she juices. She says that a juice cleansing diet lasts a few days and helps resets the damage from when she partakes in smoking, drinking and eating indulgent foods.

Salma Hayek on Beauty

Salma washes her face every night in clean cool water, tries to exercise regularly to keep her body fit, follows a balanced diet regimen, and uses sunscreen religiously. Escape with a long bath and nice smelling perfumes and scents. Get in a nice comfortable nightgown and get plenty of cozy rest and keep stresses at bay.

Salma Hayek Sex Appeal

A few of her golden rules for brunnette sex appeal include wearing the color black, brown eyeshadow color, and wearing plum lipstick shades. The fiesty Mexican actress refuses to be afraid of aging.

Salma Hayek Skin Care Line

Salma has a drugstore line of anti aging skin care products in development. Her grandmother was a cosmetologist who made her own special creams with natural ingredients from Latin America and Salma wants to incorporate those secrets into affordable skin care products. Her signature skin care and cosmetic line will be available in drug stores.

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