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Selena Gomez Beauty Secrets
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Selena Gomez Beauty Secrets

Have you ever wondered how Selena Gomez looks so fresh and natural? As a young celebrity she makes sure not to take her makeup to the extreme. Her look as natural, brunette and fresh as can be. Her charming looks and eye catching style are definitely turning heads in Hollywood.

Selena Gomez Favorite Makeup

She interviewed in Seventeen that her favorite eye shadow color is MAC Naked Lunch. It’s super pretty and has a natural glow with ever so slight shimmer to it. For a glamorous look Selena will use eyebrow pencil to define her eyebrows. To balance that out, she’ll try a bolder eyeliner color such as black or even something offbeat like yellow.

For Mascara Gomez sticks to the classic Maybelline mascara. It’s a teenagers first makeup favorite and Gomez still wears it to this day. With Gomez’s young wrinkle free face she can pull off some campy looks. For example, a very strong red scarlet color lipstick or hot pink that pops against the skin is something she’ll do when she really wants to pop. She warns that even if you are young, a strong lip should be combined with soft natural makeup to avoid looking dated and overly made up. If you pop the lips keep the rest of the face simple and neutral with just a coat of mascara.

For lip gloss Gomez uses the cult classic Carmex as a base coat and then Cover Girl’s Wet Sticks over it. The Wet Sticks has a glossy look but the color looks natural. Plus, Wet Sticks aren’t quite as goopy as the classic lip glosses usually are. The Carmex underneath keeps her lips from getting chapped.

Selena Gomez Favorite Fragrance

Gomez likes the smell of Frully Lilly perfume. It is a sweet fragrance that smells fruity.

Selena Gomez Hair Regimen

Gomes uses Ted Gibson’s hairspray. It has a miniature version that fits into her purse and works great when she is on the go. To freshen up her hair on the go she uses a comb to tease it into Cosmo Girl style volume. Her hair style has been solid and Selena sticks to her classic chocolate brown color.

In many pictures her hair is to the shoulders so for the super long locks Selena wears high quality extensions. Most celebrities do wear hair extensions to add body, length and volume to their head of hair for professional photo shoots and red carpet events. In some photos you can see where they come in below her shoulders. She may wear hair pieces that are clipped in from the underneath to avoid damage to her real hair. High quality extensions can be styled in to look just like your real hair. She looks great either way, the shoulder length is more youthful while the longer hairstyle is more on the sexy side.

Selena wears her hair blown smooth then curled to add those luscious waves, body and kitten like volume. To keep hair healthy make sure to wash, condition and stay true to your natural color. That way, you avoid the damage and the split ends. Try the new Hello Hydration shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair soft like Selena’s.

Selena Gomez Skin Care

Gomez swears by Oil of Olay. The good thing about that is that Oil of Olay is an affordable drugstore brand! The Oil of Olay face wash and lotion are her can’t live without products in her skin care arsenal. Even though she is young Selena still takes care of her skin and believes in starting early. Gomez’s uses Oil of Olay’s SPF sun protection lotion. She puts it on before makeup. It sets nicely as it dries and gives her makeup a good base to glide on smoothly. Plus, it has sunscreen to protect her skin.

Selena Fashion Tips

Selena goes for the fresh and classic look. She keeps her hair glossy and tends to wear dresses in all one color. White, to jewel tone greens, blues, yellow, silver and ruby red, and black all one color dresses are her hot looks. She wears form fitting solid colors with interesting details and accents to the red carpet events. Her clothes are classic and chic. They hug her figure but do not show too much skin exposed. She carries a small purse or clutch to events to keep her lip gloss, phone and breath fresheners in.

For super casual clothes Selena again likes the cult classics such as blue jeans with Converse tennis shoes. To dress up her casual jeans attire, Selena recommends keeping plenty of scarves and high heels on hand. These up the bling on casual attire for a date or dinner out on the town. Her favorite flashion splurge is TopShop, which is a very expensive clothing store in London. For daytime she likes floral skirts paired with flats, with her hair pulled back in a ponytail.

Selena On Beauty

Selena likes the cult classic tried and true makeup and skincare products. From Maybelline mascara, to MAC shadow, to Oil of Olay and Carmex, those popular brands are her tried and true makeup weapons. When it comes to fashion accessories Selena sticks to Less is More. She tries not to get too busy and too many clashing looks going on. A simple clean fresh and uncomplicated fashion style works for her on the red carpet. If you are a fan of Selena you’ll have to read Glamour and Seventeen magazine for more of her beauty tips and secrets, or tune in to Wizards of Waverly Place to see what she wears, or read Justin Bieber gossip and you‘ll find pictures. The one thing about Selena is that she appeals to the younger Disney crowd but also is an FHM hottie too. She did an amazingly nice job of walking that thin of not a child but not yet a woman. As she comes into her own she will probably become even more beautiful.

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