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Shakira Beauty Secrets
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Exotic Beauty

She’s a Columbian sensation with wild hair and a natural beauty look about her. Her sexy belly dancing is equally awesome. Shakira is a woman of both Columbian and Lebanese descent. She is blessed with an exotic beauty and embraces a more natural beauty look with her lavishly wavy wild hair and a healthy more full figured athletic body.

Shakira’s Diet

Shakira in many interviews has said that she does not like diet alterations or restrictions. She at one point tried a diet regimen consisting of fish, spinach and tofu dessert but confessed that it was too hard to follow and she missed other foods. As a result, she instead just tries to eat a healthy balanced diet that can be easily maintained in the long-term. What she eats in a day for example includes a wide variety of healthy foods such as juice, fruit slices, low fat cheese, whole grain toast, green tea, tomatoes, steamed or grilled meat, and vegetable soup.

Shakira definitely thinks about dieting the right way and perhaps this can explain why she has such a beautiful natural looking physique. Her diet advice is to follow the principle of moderation and do not overeat, also eat plenty of fresh and organic food.

Shakira’s Workout

Shakira is not religious about working out, however when she is actively promoting new material she works with a physical trainer to keep herself in good shape. When using a personal trainer to get in shape she increased workouts to six times weekly. To tone and slim her arms she did 10 minutes of arm exercises without dumbbells or with lighter 2-3 pound ones, 10 minutes of ab exercises to slim her middle, 20 minutes of leg exercises such as scissors while lying down, and then 45 minutes of cardio. For cadio she likes the Elliptical machine and the treadmill. She’s worked with trainer Tracy Anderson who also trainsstars like Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Belly Dancing

Shakira recommends finding ways to workout that don’t really feel like an actual workout. That means do the activities you love and live for, for example dancing. For striking abs and killer hips like Shakira consider taking up dance aerobics, ab exercises, or belly dancing lessons. Don’t under estimate the benefits of Latin dancing which increases body flexibility and helps build sexy abs. All you have to do is watch her belly dancing videos on youtube and you will want to sign up for belly dancing lessons! If you can’t afford lessons there are plenty of belly dancing videos and dvd’s that will help you shimmy your hips and waist into Shakira shape.

Shakira’s Hair

Having frizzy hair by nature makes it tough to keep hair silky soft. Keep hair trimmed at the ends to stop breakage. For curls, Shakira uses a pomade or wax to de-frizz the hair and create definition. For a straight hair style, Shakira likes Pureology’s Super Straight shampoo and conditioner. Shakira has really dry hair so if your hair texture is like this be sure to invest in softening conditioners and occasional deep conditioning treatments like hot oil or moroccan oil.

Sexy layers and highlights weaved on to the top layers give her hair plenty of contrast and depth. Shakira is one of those lucky women who can pull off what one can only describe as rocker roots. Her darker brown hair is always on its way to growing out. When she is photographed with no roots (blonded) she does not look as pretty. The darker root color creates a better color blend with her darker eyebrows and complexion. If you have darker hair consider keeping the base darker so it is not too blatantly far from the natural color. Add to it a golden toned blond weave of high lights instead or light blond highlights. A brown base with golden darker toned highlights of blond will match better with an olive complexion and give you that classic Shakira hair style.

Surprisingly, Shakira looks even sexier with the wild rocker hair than when it is blown smooth and curled! It’s the quintessential tousled bed head look and her rambunctious animalistic natural beauty seems to mesh well with the wild hair. When they make a wig named after you (the Shakira Wig) then you know you are doing something right.

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