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Shania Twain Beauty Secrets
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Shania Twain Swimsuit

Shania Twain Revlon

Shania has been the girl next door turned woman next door and in addition to selling over 75 million country cross over records she knows a thing or two about beauty. She has been the face of major cosmetics giant Revlon. She has also advertised expensive cosmetics for Elizabeth Arden. Not only has she represented a cosmetics company, she has even launched her own brand line of perfumes.

Bag Balm Skincare

Believe it or not Shania uses a fairly unknown skincare product called Bag Balm. The oiintment is normally applied to cow’s udders during the winder yet is also used as a treatment for chapped and irritated skin on humans. You can find Bag Balm in drug stores in the U.S. and Canada. Bag Balm only costs around $2 dollars.

Shania Twain’s Style

Shania has a very inspiring sense of fashion and style. Her look stays true to the girl next door brunette. She accentuates her eyes with false lashes and mascara. She uses brown eye shadow to make her eyes pop. She has natural lightly tweezed and arch shaped brows, natural lip color, and bright white teeth. Her skin is glowing and tan and her hair is healthy. Overall she maximizes her beauty by sticking to a wholesome look with a sexy edge to it. She wears designer clothes for the red carpet and is said to be a fan of the store H&M.

Shania keeps her long hair even into her forties, sometimes styling it into classy waves and half up/down hair styles.

Twain’s Perfumes

In addition to appearing in cosmetics ads for Revlon, Shania starred in ads for Candie’s shoes and Gitano Jeans. She created her limited edition scent with Scentstories by Fabreze. with the proceeds going to charity. She also partnered with Coty to produce her own namesake fragrances called Shania By Stetson and Shania Starlight.

Shania’s Perfect Face

A BBC study on the measurement of beauty found that beauty was a product of having as many features as close to the average measurement for each feature as possible. Her face was noted in the study as having ideal measurements.

Twain on Beauty and Sant Mat

Twain practices Sant Mat, which includes daily meditation to keep her life and stress in balance, along with a vegetarian diet. The expression Sant Mat refers to Path of Saints and has taken on the general meaning of being a good person. She is a devotee of this Eastern religion which calls for daily meditation and abstinance from drugs and alcohol.

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  1. Johanne Knapp Tremblay says:

    Shania Twain, you look good but it doesn’t mean you have to look like a putain at your age…hope you don’t have kids….get a life please, I am Canadian too, had a look at your life and it seems that you’re not the only one with problems and you know…. Please show some respect for women…I don’t like country western music but I am sure you can sing different genre…anyway my opinion won’t matter, Johanne Tremblay, Queensland, Australia

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