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Sharon Stone Beauty Secrets
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Sharon Stone Swimsuit

Dior Capture Totale Skin Care

Sharon Stone promotes a skin care line from Dior. It’s no surprise that Dior selected her to represent their anti aging creams. At middle age her face looks fabulous not to mention her enviable body.

For skin care Stone uses MAC wipes or Shisheido cleansing water on her face. She swears by the Dior brand for moisturizing cream. She loves the CaptureTotale body cream. Stone’s favorite Dior make up products are the lip glosses with silver sparkles, and the DiorShow Mascara.

Sharon Stone MakeUp Favorites

In a Harpers Bazaar magazine interview, stone admts she likes Visiora cream base as a concealer because it’s light weight, Sila cream blush for a sun kissed glow, and DiorKiss gloss or Clinique Superbalm. She tries to wear less makeup as she ages to look more naturally youthful.

Sharon Stone Beauty Tricks

Stone says she keeps her eyebrows well groomed for a polished look. For a sexy fragrance she likes aromatherapy and wears Aveda Energizing Oil.

Sharon Stone Hair

Stone washes her hair every three to four days and rotates shampoo and conditioner brands. One of her inexpensive favorites is John Frieda PureOlogy.

Sharon wears a short hair cut and likes it colored blond but not brassy. Sharon’s secret to her tousled hair is to use a dab of Tacho stick styling wax followed by Bumble and Bumble Blondish Hair Powder or dry shampoo. This gives the beachy bed head effect.

Saron Stone’s Body

Stone tries to cut back before gaining weight, but does not follow any stringent diet plans. Likewise, she works out but is not fanatical and just does so to stay in shape. She likes cleansing tea and recommends the herbal tea brand Sunrider Cali tea for cleansing.

Stone on cosmetic enhancements

Sharon says she is not much into expensive facials, but does exfoliate her face and body at home regularly. She says she has been accused of more plastic surgery than she has actually gotten, and feels plastic surgery is fine. It’s a personal choice to get plastic surgery. Some women want it and some don’t.

Sharon Stone on Beauty

She’s said that beauty comes with complete self acceptance. To relax she likes aromatherapy, dead sea salts, long baths and meditating. A good attitude and gracious demeaner also makes a woman more beautiful.

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