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Sophia Loren Beauty Secrets
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Sophia Loren Swimsuit

Sophia Loren’s Diet Secret

Sophia Loren is pro complex carbohydrates and encourages carbs as being good for you. As an Italian she avidly adores eating spaghetti pasta. Carbohydrates keep her full and help prevent blood sugar levels from dropping. Loren attributes her ability to stay in great shape to a diet including pasta which helps keep her satisfied. She likes whole wheat pasta, also known as black pasta, with fresh tomatoes sauce and olive oil that is unrefined.

Loren’s Beauty Autobiography

In Sophia Loren’s beauty autobiography she emphasizes the importance of being disciplined in her health and beauty maintenance. A plain woman who maintains her looks will age better than a pretty woman who doesn’t. A focus on good posture is also a must.

Sophia Loren Beauty Secrets

In a People magazine interview she says she washes her hair with baby shampoo and colors it herself. She also gets plenty of rest and regular exercise. She likes to curl her hair in big rollers and wear it big.

She has said she loves olive oil both in food and also she bathes in it. You can add olive oil your bath to soften skin, condition hair by mixing some into a conditioner or adding it to ends. Be careful olive oil can make the bath or shower become slippery when wet. If softening hair with olive oil, make sure to rinse olive oil out of hair thoroughly to avoid build up.

Sophia Loren Skin and Make up

Loren has naturally normal skin, not dry or oily so she is lucky in that regard. Her signature make up look has been to wear heavy charcoal-rimmed cat eyes with wings eye makeup, coupled with a more natural makeup look on the rest of her face.

Loren’s main indulgence is in the skin creams. She loves eye cream potions containing vitamin A, and a rosewater face lotion she gets when in France. She is not opposed to plastic surgery to nip and tuck wrinkles and lines away.

Sophia Loren Exercise

Loren stays fit and in shape with daily exercise. Her exercise ritual includes some 45 minutes of stretching, doing abdominal crunches, and taking a one hour walk most days.

Sophia Loren on Beauty

Loren is famously quoted as saying “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief she is beautiful”. Loren hates wearing blue jeans and never does, instead letting Armini and other designers lead her in a casual comfort but dressier wardrobe. She also does not like the color purple.

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