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Sophie Turner Beauty Secrets
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Search for a Supermodel

Sophie Turner is the Australian model who won the modeling competition “Search for a Supermodel” over thousands of contestents. She has gorgeous blonde looks and a sexy fashion style. Sophie has gained notoriety as a gorgeous blonde swimsuit knockout. She has the classic platinum blonde tresses along with a curvy Playboy type figure. Her beauty is definitely of the blonde bombshell variety of beauty.

Glutes and Sophie’s workouts

Sophie personifies the curves ahead type figure that has become so popular in Hollywood. Her sex appeal is much along the lines of Kim Kardashian, and her fashion style is bright colors, standout flashy outfits, and hugging curves style. She says she used to be very slender. She doesn’t do much cardio as she does not want to lose weight. She does workout though, and she eats healthy very normal diet. She says she is lucky as body fat tends to go to her rear naturally giving her the curvy shape that she is known for.

Sophie mainly does workouts to build muscle. For the perfect glutes she does the Stair Master thirty minutes daily on the highest resistance, as well as squats while holding hand weights at the shoulders. Start squatting to firm up, then continue regular workouts to keep the booty firm. She has not had plastic surgery on her derriere and also hates being compared to women who are plastic surgery junkies.

Turn heads

Sophie has the turn heads type of fashion and clothing style. You will see her in ultimate sexy club outfits such as a bright red dress. To get the look like Sophie, plan on wearing sexy clothes, high heels, a super tan, clothes that hug your curves, and lip glossed sexy makeup.

Burner Balm

She’s reported to have used Burner Balm appetite suppresant lip balm. If you have never heard of Burner Balm, the product is a supposed alternative to diet pills and appetite suppresesants sold over the counter. The product is the first lip balm I have ever heard of that tautes itself as a temptation buster. Burner Balm lip balm has dietary ingredients such as green tea, caffieine, chromium picolinate, and Hoodia Gordoni extracts. Turner certainly works hard to keep her body picture perfect – she does spend allot of time working out and keeping fit and curvy.

Sophie’s modeling Contract

The sexy Turner has now graced runways from Japan to the United states as part of her 250K supermodel modeling contract she won on the Australian TV show competition. Her blonde goddess looks are definitely more on the swimsuit and glamour modeling side, than the high fashion modeling side. It’s proof that bombshell flashy looks always have a place in the celebrity sphere.

Ford modeling

After Sophie won her modeling contract she has modeled for famous designer brands such as Bill Blass, Nicole Miller, Collette Dinnigan and Renfe Rofe. She also appeared on Sports and She is known to have one of the best derrieres.

Sophie’s dangerous curves

To get an hour glass bikini figure like Sophie’s plan to do hours of squats and leg lifts. She is a tall girl as well which adds to her va-voom persona. Her always racy tight outfits range from skin tight black spandex pants and knee high boots, to the ultimate short and tight tube mini dresses, to hot red dresses with giant cutouts showing lots of tanned skin. Her makeup looks like barbie, she often wears heavy black mascara and black eyeliner coupled with bright pink lipsticks. Her jewelry style is also bling-bling, with large rings and watches that are oversized, chunky, and super flashy. Think Pamela Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith, Victoria Silvstedt and there you have Sophie Turners head turning style counterparts.

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