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Suzanne Somers Beauty Secrets
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Suzanne Somers Swimsuit

Bioidentical hormones

Suzanne Somers stills looks marvelous over sixty. Her health, fitness, beauty and anti-aging books endorse her use of bioidentical hormones to combat aging and menopausal symptoms. She take a smorgasbord of nutritional supplments and pills every day, and she also utilies both natural hormone supplementation and injections.

Suzanne Somers Book Ageless

Sumors takes her health seriously, and invests a huge amount of time into staying healthy. She is very big on vitamin supplements, exercise, and taking bioidentical hormones.

In her book Ageless and on the Oprah show, Somers talks of the price she pays for beauty, and that it’s no small thing. Her daily regime includes some 60 pills and injections. Somers talks of taking an array of vitamins such as Cinnamon, Reishi Mushroom, Smoke Shield, White tea extract, Zyflammend, LycoPom, Rhodiola, Zinc, Selenium, CoQ10, Vitatmin E, Phosphatidylcholine, Glucosamine, St John’s Wort, Vitamin C and Calcium.

Suzanne Somers Diet & Exercise

Somers works out regularly at the gym and over the years she has published several books and DVD’s for exercise and physical fitness. She promoted the original ThighMaster, which was one of the first home exercise devices sold by television informercial.

Somers believes that women can fight fat with the proper nutritional diet. Her Somersizing diet plan advocates reducing carbohydrates and optimal food group combining. She has her own brand of Somersweet diet foods and recipes. She has penned diet books such as Get Skinny on Fabulous Food.

Suzanne Catalog

Suzanne has so many beauty products she sells and endorses that she has her own catalog. Her collections inlcude sparkling jewelry, fashion accessories, natural beauty products, Somersweet dieting food and recipes, and more.

Her Hydrating Therapy skin care system includes a gentle get cleaner, exfoliating cleanser, aloa vera toner and daily moisturizer with SPF 30. The line contains anti aging ingredients including botanicals, hydrating panthenol, pomegranate extract, natural oils, Accufirm Plus, jojoba and aloe vera.

Another one of Somer’s well known products that she endorses and swears by, is called the FaceMaster. The FaceMaster stimulates 22 muscles on each side of your face to wake it up. The goal is to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles and increase muscle tone for the look of firmer younger skin.

While the claims of some of her products and health advice has been questioned in the medical realm, Somer’s remains steadfast in her belief system and the books and products she markets. Many women admire her fortitude.

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