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Taylor Swift Beauty Secrets
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Taylor Swift’s Hair

Taylor’s hair is naturally curly so she usually just lets it take its own natural course. To accentual the spiral look she uses a curling iron. If you let your hair dry naturally it can look messy. However, curling pieces around a curling iron can take the look from bed head to spiral curl glamour. Just spiral the top pieces section by section with the curl iron.

As for hair products Taylor is not a fan of the mouse or styling products simply because she likes a soft feeling to her hair. Many women avoid mouse since it can make hair feel crunchy and sticky to the touch. Her main goal is to be in shape so that she is not panting and grunting when performing. It’s all about cardio, running especially. She runs both outdoors and on the treadmill. Her svelte figure at 5’11” is the result of training and she works hard to be in top shape.

Taylor swift skin care

Taylor admits to a rather simple beauty regimen. She buys makeup removal pads, facial scrubs and other staples at the drugstore just like everyone else. Her only ritual that she 100% swears by is applying night cream in the evening and in the morning before applying her makeup.

Taylor uses a simple beauty routine at night. She washes her face, applies night cream, and sleeps with her contacts out. She even confesses to not washing her makeup off at times though she knows she should. Back in high school was the last time Swift cared about tanning. Nowadays she doesn’t bother with the tanning and puts sunscreen on whenever she is exposed to the sun. She doesn’t mind her pale skin look and fortunately her skin benefits from being kept far away from the tanning bed.

Swift’s lipstick trick

Swift is often seen with bright shades of lipstick. Her two step beauty tip for lipstick application which she picked up from the makeup artists she’s used, is as follows. Put on the strong color lipstick onto lips, then blot it with a tissue. Then, apply a powder onto the tissue and apply to lips to¬†matte them. Then, apply another coat of the lipstick. This two step trick with a blot and pressed powder between lipstick coats, helps the lips look stained and perfect. Plus, the lipstick stays put.

Taylor Swift’s workout regimen

Swift will definitely notice a change if she indulges in too much junk food and not enough exercise. She makes a point to workout in order to keep her endurance strong for performances. Swift doesn’t like to diet but tries to eat healthy instead. She’s tried diets such as the raw food diet but realized that simply eating healthy and staying in shape through workouts is what works for her.

Taylor Swift makeup

Taylor definitely wears makeup. She has a pronounced eyebrow arch and is not afraid to wear pops of color. Try a taupe eye shadow shade with a bright blue or navy blue eyeliner as a color pop. Add a plum colored eyeshadow over the taupe to give dimension and drama to the eye. Apply the plum color to the eyelid crease for this effect.

Now to add to the cat eye effect take a very fine point makeup brush and use a navy blue eyeshadow color. Apply the navy color close in to the lashes for a cat eye effect. Swift always has the up-swept look to the eye. The line of the tauple shadow should be defined so that it extends past the edge of the eye up towards the brow.

Use makeup remover to create a clean upsweep line making the cat eye effect. It’s as through the taupe draws a line extending from the outer corner of the eye up towards the eyebrow. This gives the eye an upward lift. Any shadow under that up sweep line can be taken off with makeup remover and a qtip creating a clean cat eye effect. Accent the eyes finally with a white colored shadow applying just a touch of it on the lids and outer corners of the eye for color contrast.

To get the high arched brow try a stencil to help you get an arch. Place over eyebrow to give you a path and use an eyebrow pencil that matches your brow color or a powder with a fine thin ended makeup brush to fill in brows. Make sure to blend well with a makeup brush so that the makeup doesn’t look caked up or heavy. You want the effect to be soft but definitely noticeable. The result should look like her classic dramatic eyes with a nice color pop and a cat eye effect.

Taylor Swift favorite beauty products

Swift models for cover girl so she is certainly a fan. She promotes the NatureLuxe silk foundation and gloss balm. The NatureLuxe line switches out some of the harsher synthetic ingredients and swaps in hydrating ingredients such as shea butter, mango butter, rosewater, cucumber water and jojoba. The result gives a light and airy feel and look to the makeup. Her favorite Cover-girl product is the classic Lashblast mascara. She also learned how to apply liquid eyeliner and is a liquid eyeliner fan.

Taylor Swift Fashion

Swift certainly has her own sense of style. She marches to the beat of her own drum. Instead of natural makeup she is often seen with pinup like red lipstick. She also wears retro clothes, even retro swimsuits such as the one shown which was captured by celebrity photographer splash news (click on the photo link below to see more pictures of Swift directly from google). Candid shots of Swift can be downright goofy as she looks like the typical young woman. But when styled professionally for events such as music awards, she is always dressed to the nines. As time has gone on Swift’s fashion acumen has improved greatly.

Taylor swift beauty advice

Swift advises to trust your intuition. Red lipstick is the key to her classic pinup girl look. To pick up your mood swift suggests using fragrances and scents. Vanilla is one of her favorites, as is the berry smell of her perfume Wonderstruck.

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