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Tyra Banks Beauty Secrets
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Tyra Banks Swimsuit

Tyra Banks Curvy Shapewear

Tyra Bank’s says drink some water because H20 is an important part of her beauty regine. She says she is far from perfect and embraces her curves and imperfections. She stresses that women should not put unreaslistic expectations on themselves in regards to their beauty imperfections. She exfoliates dead skin cells once or twice a week in the bath with a lavender salf scrub.

Tyra Banks Makeup Tips

Straight from the Tyra Banks show, she reminds women to pat concealer in, never rub it in. When applying your concealer, Tyra suggests putting a bit on the pad of your finger and pat rather than rub it in. To cover acne, pat the concealer on top of the blemish. She likes brush and bronzer but reminds women to use them sparingly. The idea is to highlight not hide your facial features.

Tried and True Beauty Creams

Pond’s age miracle day cream was featured on the Tyra Banks show. Celebs don’t have a problem saving money on cheaper creams if they work. Pond’s age cream is number one seller in Asia. It’s said to reduce the appearance of age spots and wrinkles in seven days. In one Reader’s Digest magazine article Tyra swears by regular Vasoline and says she uses it as an under eye cream.

Tyra’s Face Washing Routine

On one episode of the Tyra Banks show Tyra reveals that to remove makeup she uses Shu Umerua Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium. To wash her face she uses Aveeno Moisturizing Bar for dray skin followed with a wash cloth to dr. To moisturize her skin and treat stretch marks on her body she uses Aveda hydrating lotion.

Tyra Banks Philosphy is Get Real Beauty

Tyra says be healthy and love yourself. She uses vasoline under her eyes and even on laugh lines, lips and elbows. Well groomed eyebrows make you beautiful by opening up the face. Don’t over tweeze but definitely do go for a natural looking fuller brow with a nice arch. Try Aveda Botanical Kinetics Hydrating lotion on your body because Tyra loves it for soft smooth skin. On her show she revealed that white eyeliner on the inside lower rims of her eyes brighten and awaken them after a lousy nights sleep.

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