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Vanessa Hessler Beauty Secrets
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Vanessa Hessler Beauty Secrets

Vanessa Hessler was born in Italy however spent most of her childhood in Washington, DC. She started modeling early in her teenage years and has appeared in many publications throughout both Italy and Germany. She has appeared in commercials and advertising campaigns for GUESS, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani and Ferroro SpA, as well as being the face for the DSL internet brand Alice which is based in Germany. She stands over 5’10” and has the quintessential baby bombshell looks with plush lips, thicker eyebrows, luscious long hair, blue eyes, and an amazing modeling figure.

Alice internet Service

Ms Hessler became a household figure in Germany after gracing billboard and televesion advertisements as the face of the multinational popular internet service called Alice. Ms Hessler for a time dated Muammar Gaddafi’s son Mutassim. Public comments that Vanessa made in turn caused the Telefonica company to terminate her modeling contract with them. Evidently the company felt that her comments on the Libia conflict showed a lack of judgement. Ms Hessler has also appeared in many U.S. magazine ads for cosmetics giant L’Oreal, Calvin Klein and Georgio Armani. She’s landed the cover of magazines including Cosmopolitan, GQ and Max.

Vanessa Hessler Beauty

Vanessa sports a very natural look when out of the modeling limelight. She has think unruly eyebrows, long eyelashes, and plush lips. She wears her her down and natural and is often seen in simple jewelry such as silver hoop earrings. She has been compared to Swedish actress Anita Ekberg. She has acted as well, appearing as a hilarious underage nympho in the Italian madcap comedy called Natale a Miami. The story was about two men who flee to Florida for Christmas after being dumped by their wives. The movie did well in its native Italy.

Vanessa is seen looking totally natural sans makeup when out and about. However for a modeling look she can certainly adopt an evening gown, sleep hair and pale makeup contrasting with a matte red pout. She can go from looking like a natural Breck girl to wearing a black leather jacket, stiletto lace boots, hot pants and a fiery red clutch. Another one of her looks is the classic bombshell with the huge cosmo hair, a sexy va-voom big teased hair look which she sports in her GUESS advertisement photographs.

Vanessa on Modeling

In an interview for fashion model directory, Hessler stated that she was stopped on the street and scouted at the age of 15. Her modeling tips aspiring models are to find a trustworthy and supportive agent and modeling agency.

She stated that she loves to travel, go to the cinema and visit with friends. Her most memorable trip was to Thailand and also her first trip to Asia. She did not disclose much in the way of beauty secrets however did admit that she works out at the gym religiously at least three times a week. Her favorite model is Gisele Bunchen. Her favorite designed couture includes Fendi, Mui Miu and Dolce & Gabbana. Her favorite quote is Tomorrow is another day.

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