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Stassi Schroeder beauty secrets
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Stassi Schroeder beauty secrets

She is the star of the popular reality TV show Vanderpump Rules. Known as one of the original stars, she more or less turned her back on the show after having been backstabbed by her ex boyfriend Jax and other cast members. Now she has her own style blog, jewelry line and other ventures such as a podcast show on various topics from beauty to gossip to love and celebrities.

With an amazing body and pretty face she is passionate about beauty and definitely knows a think or two. She is an obsessed writer of her own blog Style by Stassi. Here of a few of her beauty secrets that she has disseminated on the web in various articles and interviews.

Stassi Shroeder diet

First of all, Stassi tries to diet. Key to her hydrated look is lots of water, juicing, and an excellent spray tan for good measure. Of all her tips, juicing is her secret. She will stop eating carb in the evening and drink water or fresh juices. In addition to detoxing with a juice cleanse, Stassi likes to detox through taking a Sauna and exercising for some healthy sweating. Not a stranger to the beauty salon, she tries various treatments such as the detox body wrap.

For good dieting she will try to eat plenty of natural fruits and vegetables such as salads with spinach and kale and various toppings such as beets, apples, lemon, ginger and cucumber. For protein try lean meat like chicken and turkey, with healthy sauces such as hummus. She believes that healthy eating keeps the mind and especially the skin, clear as a bell. Not diet obsessed, she tries to look healthy and does her best to keep her weight in check.

Stassi’s favorite beauty product

Stassi is a big fan of the beauty brand Murad. Try Murad for creams and cleansers because Stassi claims Murad products make her oft common break outs non-existant! If Murad doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to try new things and keep looking until you are perfectly satisfied with the products you are using. Don’t settle for less! For a quick at home spa treatment, mix olive oil and salf to exfoliate with in the bubble bath.

Stassi’s style

For style Stassi has a classy but kick-back style. A signature is her interesting jewely, from crown-like hair pieces to rings that become bracelets, long chains, necklaces with interesting pendants or chains that dangle down in back, and hair ornaments. She is also known to be a fan of extensions, though you do need to be careful not to damage you hair.

Stassi Schroeder beauty secrets

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